My Geoff Bodine Valiant from 1970. Geoff started outside pole next to Maynard at Langhorne in 1970. Gary Adams DECAL MAN did the decals for the #88 and #99 cars.
Richie Evans #61 B&M Speedshop Outlaw. Decals were custom made by Tom Piotrowski of Lancaster. I couldn't have done it without him. John Bisci of TURN 5 PHOTO'S deserves much credit too as he has many great pics that were provided. His pics are truly mint! Sincerely, Mike Burley
Mike Loescher's coach. I had all my cars at Lancaster for the old timers reunion on June 17th 2006 and got to talk to Mike,Lee Osborne,Dutch Hoag etc. It was great and they all got to see my cars. Mike

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This is one of my favorite pics even though it's black & white. Wish it was in color. Mike
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