Forty-one supermodifieds were in the pits for last week's Kline's Twin 35's.

When the final checkered flag had been displayed there was a new face in victory lane while the fans also viewed yet another feature win by defending track champ Doug Heveron. The "new face" was Mike McLaughlin, a driver who cut his teeth on dirt, but has made a transition to supermodified racing behind the wheel of the D & H Potato Wagon.

Each 35 was different with Heveron winning the opener by a comfortable margin over Warren Coniam while the second saw Mclaughlin pass Jamie Moore with just seven laps to go and then have to hold off Heveron at the finish.

McLaughlin explained the move which gave him the top spot on lap 28 as he said, "I feel I've been good on restarts all year. I was anticipating the green and Jamie might have been sleeping a bit. We just got through." The feature winner didn't realize it at the moment of the interview, but Moore had blistered a right rear tire and the car was not handling the way he would have liked. Thus on that restart Moore went high and the duo of Mclaughlin and Heveron took the low road past.

The second 35 nearly ran from flag-to-flag with Moore jumping out from his pole position starting spot. He pulled away while Heveron worked his way through the field from his 12th starting spot. By the seventh lap Heveron had moved into third, but then ran into McLaughlin who just wouldn't give an inch. Moore had a comfortable lead, but the second and third place cars began to close in.

Finally on the 18th lap the fans were witnessing a railroad train between Moore, McLaughlin and Heveron while Brian Herb was rapidly closing with hopes of making it a four car race at the finish. The 28th lap saw the yellow come out for the only time as Joe Gosek obliterated the fourth turn with smoke pouring from his engine.

On the restart Mclaughlin picked off the leader, Heveron followed him through. There was only clear track ahead as the leaders went to the checker. Steve Gioia had moved to fourth with just three laps to go as he ducked past Herb. At the finish the winner was Mike Mclaughlin, followed by Doug Heveron, Jamie Moore, Steve Gioia, Brian Herb, Jim Shampine, Den Wheeler, Don Rammage, Mike Rizzo, Tom Leeson, Mark Letcher, Mike Reuter, Mike Brubaker, Tom Johnson, Brad Lichty, James Brown, Steve Radley, Jim Gray, Garry Evans, Warren Coniam, Dan Dennie, Chip Simmons, Dave Loucks, and Joe Gosek.


Doug Heveron, the only multiple winner at Oswego this season, thought he might have a tougher time with Dave Shullick starting on the pole for the first 35. However the Heveron-Shullick confrontation failed to come about as a valve spring broke on the 49 sending Shullick to the rear and out of contention.

Shullick had the lead after one as the two front row started muscling their way around the track with neither giving an inch, but on the second circuit Heveron went on top with a passing move on the low side in turn one.

The yellow slowed the event on the seventh lap as Gary Kelly and Tim Nelson bent up their cars in the third turn. On the restart Heveron began to pull away with Coniam, Gioia, McLaughlin and Herb chasing. By the 20th lap it was a five car battle up front with Heveron, Coniam, Gioia, McLaughlin and Herb and only the 11 was making up any ground.

McLaughlin took the Crazy-8 into third on the 26th lap as he went high around Gioia coming off the fourth turn and three laps later Heveron was putting a lap on Shullick.

At the checker it was a two second win for Doug Heveron over Warren Coniam and behind were Mike Mclaughlin, Steve Gioia, Brian Herb, Mike Rizzo, Jamie Moore, Joe Gosek, Den Wheeler, Jim Shampine, Dave Shullick, Tom Leeson, Don Rammage, Tom Johnson, Mike Reuter, Dan Dennie, Mike Brubaker, James Brown, Garry Evans, Tim Nelson, Ron Graves, Gary Kelly, Mark Letcher and Jim Gray.

A full field allowed for some exciting racing in the early going with heats being won by Shullick, Nelson and Moore while the consi was captured by Tom Johnson.

The only major accident of the night came in the second heat as Joe Hawksby looped coming off two and Paul Castiglia went over him. The 17 of Castiglia stood on the two left tires and rode the backstretch wall. He was shaken and uninjured, but the car sustained a heavy amount of damage.