July 17th 1982

When is the last time you can remember a rookie in supermodified competition winning an Oswego Speedway feature? To my recollection never! Last Saturday night it became reality when Mike Mclaughlin drove a flawless 35 lap race and beat "the man to beat", Doug Heveron. "Magic Shoes", (the nickname given him on the D.I.R.T. circuit where he gained the reputation of being a top competitor and popular sportsman) in less than a dozen times behind the wheel of a supermodified, now joins the $1,000 Club of Oswego Speedway feature winners. Other competitors have tried for more than 10 years and not succeeded in doing what Mike has done in 3 months. Mike Mclaughlin, Norm Foster and the entire D&H Potato Wagon Crew are a mighty big addition to supermodified racing at Oswego Speedway and are deserving of the outstanding individual award as well as the $1,000 club key.