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Week by Week Top Fives, 1951
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Date Laps 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th
Aug 10 20BarryTorreseKegebeinKellerReynolds
Aug 1720CameronMurphyBrownDustMahoney
Aug 2420BlumTorreseGerow
Sep 1520WardBlumReynolds
Sep 2120KotwicaMahoneyBarryKegebeinTorrese
Sep 2820WebberBartonMurphyWardKeller
Sep 2820TorreseGerowReynoldsIngison
Oct 20 50KegebeinMurphyKellerJerrettTorrese

Week by Week Top Fives, 1952
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Date Laps 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th
May 1820JerrettChalone Murphy Mahoney Ingison
June 1 20BlumIngersol Chalone Korman Kotwica
June 8 20Kotwica Barry Jerrett ElyBlum
June 1520Blum YanniJerrett Murphy Kegebein
July 1120Murphy Ingison Barry Sund Blum
July 1820Murphy Austin Poole Jerrett Kotwica
July 2520Sund Kotwica Murphy Blum Jerrett
Aug 1 25Murphy Jerrett Torrese Cone Blum
Aug 8 20Sund Ingersol Torrese Murphy Cone
Aug 22 20HollingsSund Kotwica KegebeinJerrett
Aug 29 20Jerrett Murphy Keller Kanar Bellinger
Sep 5 20Sund Torrese Jerrett Poole Kotwica
Sep 1420Kotwica Jerrett IngersolBlum Bellinger
Sep 2120Torrese PalladinoIngison Austin Sund
Sep 2820PalladinoKotary Murphy Poole Kanar
Oct 12 40Torrese Murphy Kotary Cone Ingison

Week by Week Top Fives, 1953
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Date Laps 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th
June 620WardJerrettKegebeinWalters Bellinger
June 1420Jerrett PalladinoWaltersTorrese Ingison
June 2020LambJerrettThomasConeIngison
June 2720Torrese KegebeinLambSwiftWalters
July 4 20SwiftTorreseLambJerrett Palladino
July 1120SwiftLambIngisonJerrettThomas
July 1820KanarTorreseBarryThomasIngison
July 2530SwiftYanniPalladinoKanarJerrett
Aug 1 20KegebeinTurcottSwiftLambKanar
Aug 8 20KanarSwiftTurcottBarryYanni
Aug 15 20YanniWaltersTorreseBarrySwift
Aug 22 20BarryWaltersTorreseKotaryJerrett
Aug 29 20BarryKotarySwiftKanarTurcott
Sep 520SwiftMahoneyKanarBellingerJerrett
Sept26 50Kanar Jerrett PalladinoTorreseSwift

Week by Week Top Fives, 1954
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Date Laps 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th
May 2920SwiftBrewerJerrettBellingerAustin
June 1220CavallaroTorreseLangAustinKegebein
June 1920JerrettBarryBellingerLangTorrese
June 2620MurphySwiftJerrettBarryLang
July 3 20MurphyConeJerrettThomasKotary
July 1020SwiftMurphyPalladinoJerrettCavallaro
July 1740MurphySwiftPalladinoJerrettTorrese
July 2420MurphySwiftThomasReynoldsJerrett
Aug 720ThomasSwiftMurphyBarryYanni
Aug 1420Ellinger LangBarryCavallaroCone
Aug 2120SwiftBarryCavallaro BellingerCone
Aug 2850JerrettBellingerBarryPalladinoKanar
Sep 420DwyerSwiftKanarMurphyJerrett
Sep 1820DwyerBlumSwiftYanniJerrett

Week by Week Top Fives, 1955
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Date Laps 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th
May 29 25JerrettBlumCavallaroMurphySwift
June 4 25WiseMurphyDwyerConeSwift
June 1225HoagKanarJerrett WiseBliss
June 1825BlumSwiftJerrett Dolbear Kegebein
June 2525HoagSwiftKanarJerrettChrysler
July 2 25LangWilsonKanarSwiftCone
July 9 25SwiftJerrettWiseLangBliss
July 1625LangHoagSwiftWiseJerrett
July 2350JerrettKanarSippleMurphyBliss
July 3025KanarJerrettBlumWisePalladino
Aug 6 25SwiftGibsonKanarCavallaroMurphy
Aug 14 25SwiftKanarConeMurphyJerrett
Aug 20 25MurphyMollaGibsonBlumLang
Aug 27 25SwiftLangKathKanarMurphy
Sep 3 50JerrettWiseMurphyKanarDwyer
Sep 10 25Swift MurphyElyGibsonJerrett
Sep 17 25Murphy SwiftLangKathCone

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