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The Lucas Oil Can-Am Midgets were welcomed to Oswego Speedway, the mecca of open-wheel racing in the American North-east on Saturday, June 4, allowing us to put the Am back into Can-Am Midget Club. It was the first of two shows, the second being The Classic on Labor Day weekend. The drivers saw the track as "bad fast" to the point of getting air in corners 3 and 4 (tires off the ground). This track has seen three generations of Mackereths who have run the track. Norm, sons Andy,Craig, and Tyler, the new shoe, have all run it at one time or another. TQ 90 driver Dave McIntosh's father Hazen also ran there. Greg Furlong who runs a super did double duty in his #72 Midget. Jarred Turnbull raced one season of supers along with Andy Mackereth #40.

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David Balych

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Wayne Turnbull and Jared Turnbull

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Darren McLennan

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#27 Michael McCann and #20 Tyler Mackereth

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[56 KB]

Balych and #43 Craig Mackereth

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Ted Bois

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Chris Ralph and Greg Furlong

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Todd Cresswell at the head of the pack

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Wayne Turnbull and Andy Mackereth

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#6 Jeff Riberdy

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Andy Mackereth gets crossed up...

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[98 KB]

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he almost came to a stop... and then "flopped" over.

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Curtis Nichols leads his heat

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Andy and Tyler Mackereth

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Curtis Nichols was a heat winner

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Todd Cresswell's machine has a classic look

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Wayne Turnbull

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[112 KB]

something broke in the front end but Wayne kept it off the wall

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Ken Lorenz in hot pursuit of Cresswell

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Heat 1
Michael McCann #27, started pole but Tyler Mackereth #20 had him on the first lap. Lap 2 found James Gray #82, who started 4th, the new leader. David Balych #12, who started 6th, was 3rd. Tyler Mackereth slowed with no fuel pressure and brought out the yellow. At the re-start it was Gray #82, Curtis Nichols #55 , Balych #12 and Dave McIntosh #90. Balych got by the 55 on the outside, only to have Dave McIntosh pass him 2 laps later with tires smoking. Gray had a big lead. At the finish line #49 just got by #43 for 4th. The finish was: Grey 82, McIntosh 90, Balych 12, Walsh 49, Mackereth 43, Jared Turnbull 31, Curtis Nichols 55, Darren McLennan 48, McCann 27.

Heat 2
Todd Creswell #3 started on the pole beside his good friend Ken Lorenz #74, of Lancaster, NY. On lap 2 Randy May #23 got by Ken for 2nd spot, but Todd was gone. Halfway found Todd in a different time zone, he was so far ahead. His car was hooked up big time with lap times of 15:84, fastest of the TQs. Paul Smith #28, last year's champion was working on Lorenz with Jeff Riberdy, who started 7th, coming fast. On lap 7 of 8. Andy Mackereth #40 brushed the wall. Spun half way around then went half way over. With 60% left side weight these cars do not turn right without toppling over. He was fine but the wing was road kill. The final lap Todd still was gone, Randy May was 2nd, Ken Lorenz 3rd, Paul Smith 4th and Jeff Riberdy 5th.

B Main
Curtis Nichols was on the pole with Greg Furlong #72, 2nd. Andy Mackereth who rolled in his heat started 5th with a repaired race car. Andy really had to work to pass his nephew Tyler on lap 4. It was a hard charging race with Car 51, an old CB 750 alcohol fueled Honda going out. The finish was Nichols, Furlong. A Mackereth. This is the first race for Ted Bois since he was involved in a serious road accident trying to avoid a daydreaming cell phone user who had crossed the center line. Ted's dump truck rolled as he attempted to avoid the crash.

A Main
As the Lucas Oil Can-Am Midgets did their 4 wide salute to the crowd, the question was: Is Todd Creswell going to continue to dominate? Ken Lorenz #74 was off-pole threatening to keep Todd honest. On Lap 1, it was Creswell #3, Lorenz #74 and James Gray #82. Caution flew as Wayne Turnbull #1 got into the wall in turn 1 when a suspension component failed. By lap 4 Creswell had a big lead. In lap 7, car #48 spun coming out of corner 4 just as Gray #82 made a nice move on Lorenz to go to 2nd. Unfortunately he had to go back to 3rd. The next lap saw Paul Smith #28 get by Gray #82, with Gray returning the favour on the next lap. Creswell was still gone. Walsh 49, Balych 12, Bois 97, Turnbull 31 and Mackereth 40 could have been covered with a blanket. Jeff Riberdy #6 lost as engine on the backstretch. Going into turn 3, it was like a rack of billiard balls: Walsh 49 went sideways and recovered. Balych, Mackereth, Turnbull and Bois scattered. Unfortunately Creswell couldn't get slowed down coming around and hit the oil and went off-roading in the grass between turns 3 and 4. These cars hug the track so his front rad got punctured ending one fast race car's night. On the re-start it was Gray, Smith, Lorenz, McIntosh, Walsh, Mackereth, Bois, Balych and J Turnbull. Lap 17 saw Michael McCann slow and bring out the yellow. Just as Smith passed Gray, Bois had to avoid a crash and go off, relegating him to the back. Up until then he had passed 8 cars. Paul Smith finally did get by James gray on lap 19 going inside corner 3. James Gray threw everything he had at Smith but couldn't pass him, finishing 2nd. It was a great run for Ken Lorenz who finished 3rd ,Macintosh who was a strong 4th and Andy Mackereth using a borrowed wing ended up 5th.

Finish: 28, 82, 74, 90, 40, 43, 49, 12, 31, 23, 20, 48, 55, 97, 59, 27, 36, 72, 1, 51
The Lucas Oil CAN-AM TQ Midgets next race will be on Saturday, June 11th 2005 at Flamboro Speedway.
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