Whoosh-mobile !!

I know, it's not the best shot but it's kind of cramped at the Indy museum. The great Parnelli jones dominated the '67 Indy 500 with this machine until a mechanical failure snuffed a sure victory. I saw the race on 'closed cicuit' at a local theater, and I'll never forget it! The huge turbine engine was mounted on the left and the car was 4-wheel driven. This Andy Granitelli owned car was soon legislated out of existance by USAC. Undaunted, Andy returned the following year with a fleet of Lotus chassis turbine cars. These cars were a more conventional design, with a smaller turbine located in the back. Joe Leonard grabbed the pole with one of the scream'n machines! If I recall, other turbine drivers included Art Pollard, Mike Spence and maybe Graham Hill.