The last Duncan 07

2/6/2000... Bob Brown, of Burlington, Ontario provided the following information concerning this car:
"I bought the car 2 years ago from Bill Robinson,(London, Ont.), He was about to part it out.
I held on to it until November 1999, then sold it to Fred Starr, (London Vintage Supermodified Stock Car Club),
where it is undergoing a full restoration. The car was originally built by the late Doug Duncan. I still own the Tammy 10 car - which will never be sold. - Bob "

12/16/2010... Barry Flynn, of Barrie, Ontario sent me this:
A while back you wanted to know what became of Duncan's last car. Well, it got DESTROYED at Cayuga Speedway in Ontario.
I was Duncan's partner until 1972 when we moved out of Toronto. He built the car at John Flemings garage just outside of Toronto.
I think the only part that wasn't broken was the intake manifold. Everything else was junk as you can see...

1980 Oswego program