Iver the Driver's
1975 Preview

Everybody's getting ready! The 1975 season is still five months away yet, but there's been plenty of activity already in preparation for the new racing season. At the Speedway-the grandstand roof has been extended right to the end of, the fourth turn. Exhaust vents are also being installed along the entire length of the roof to prevent fumes from lingering. A new section of backstretch grandstand has been started and is expected to be completed by Classic time. 1975 will see the implementation of a brand new handicapping procedure. What it will do is compare each car's performances in the features it has run to the other car's performances in all the features each of the cars have run. The car with the best average starts at the rear. The system does not penalize a competitor for coming in late during the season, yet if this new competitor does good in the features right off, he'll be positioned in the feature events with other competitors who have equally good records. The full intricacies of this handicapping procedure will be explained to drivers and personnel at a later date. The regular purse for the 1975 racing season has been changed around so that the second place feature finisher will receive $1,000. First prize money will remain at $1,500. The first race is scheduled for Sunday May 11th at 1:00 p.m. It's the second annual Port City 150, the best of the supermodifieds and modified sportsmen here for one day for a split show of heats, consis and 75 lap features. Practice for both divisions will be held the Saturday before, May 10th. The competitors are equally busy during the winter months as Iver the Driver reports to us: Plowing through snow drift after snow drift, ole Iver has been gathering information on the 1975 racing season like a squirrel gathers nuts for the winter - enough of this nonsense - let's get to the real gossip. We'll start with the 1974 Triple Crown Winner (that's the point championship, the Classic and the Mod 200), Jimmy Shampine. He'll return with the same car but with a new roll cage. We understand however that Jim, being a former draftsman, has bought a new roll of blue print paper and I'don't presume he's looking for his old job back. I wouldn't be surprised to see a new 8 ball late in 1975 or early in 1976. 1974 runrerup Nolan Swift has had several offers for the purchase of the 10 pins. We also understand that he has a complete new running gear ordered, presumably for a new car. Whether Swift goes with the old car at the beginning of the year remains to be seen. But in any event the ole veteran will be back. And oh yes, for you non-Swift believers, now that the '74 season is well over, we can say that Nolan went the entire season without an accident! "Mr Pipes", Kenny Andrews is reportedly building a new frame for the 55(And I was just getting used to the old car!) If anyone can turn back the Shampine domination, it'll be Andrews. The Ron Buckner crew have the 36 up for sale and are pretty well set on building a new car. Bobby Stelter will return as the driver. Howard Purdy has assured Jim Winks he'll be there opening day with the deuce. I certainly hope so. You know it was 10 years ago (1965) that Ron Lux won the track championship in that same car. Wouldn't it be one for the history books if Winks could do it in 1975? He's got the potential and so's the car if they were to come every week.