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2016 Official Online Main Event Racing Series (MERS) Defending Champ: Shane Gott

Monday Nights

Practice begins 8:00pm est Drivers Meeting at 8:55pm Qualifying/Racing 9:00pm

click event name to see winning car
Jan 11Season Opener @ Berlin Speedway75 Laps
Jan 18Lake Erie Speedway75 Laps
Jan 25Lee USA Speedway75 Laps
Feb 1 Dodge City100 Laps
Feb 8 Sandusky Speedway75 Laps
Feb 15Mansfield75 Laps
Feb 22Orange County Twin 50 #150 Laps
Feb 22Orange County Twin 50 #250 Laps
Feb 29Lorain County Speedway75 Laps
Mar 7 Toledo Speedway75 Laps
Mar 14Hickory Speedway100 Laps
Mar 21Midvale Speedway75 Laps
Mar 28Online Main Event I-Columbus Speedway100 Laps

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Clarification on two car contact/caution rule  hover cursor here

Dave Soja (Head Admin)
Art Palmer (Race Director)
Shane Gott (Replay/Scoring)
Chris Meyers (Co-Race Director)
Perry Vance (Replay/Scoring)

Nightly format

-Cautions DO count in this series

- All cars must qualify

- 15 lap heat races

- 15 lap B-Main (if needed) will be contingent on number of cars.

- If we run 2 heats, the top 12 qualifiers will get inverted into 2 heats. If we run 3 heats, the top 15 qualifiers get inverted into heats. The rest will start straight up in heats based on qualifying.

- Top 4 qualifiers will be in a 4 lap trophy dash. This dash is for fun and has no bearing on points or race lineups.

- Feature will be lined up based on money won system using the last 3 races. You must finish on the lead lap in your heat race to get your starting spot.

- Two heats will see the top 8 transfer to the A-Main. The rest go to the B-Main. From the B-Main, the top 3 finishers will transfer with 1 option car.

- Three heats will see the top 5 transfer. The rest go to the B-Main. From the B-Main, the top 4 will transfer with 1 option car. Previous feature winner can start no better then 12th.

- Each week we will use the top 18 cars for option. Once you use your option you can't use it again unless all others have used it in front of you.

Heat Points
1st 9 points
2nd 8 points
3rd 7 points
4th 6 points
Feature Points
1st 50 points
2nd 40 points
3rd 35 points
4th 32 points
5th 30 points
6th 28 points
7th 26 points
8th 24 points
9th 22 points
10th20 points
11th19 points
12th18 points
13th17 points
14th16 points
15th15 points
16th14 points
17th13 points
18th12 points
19th11 points
20th10 points
21st9 points
22nd8 points
23rd7 points
24th6 points
25th5 points


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JCR shane

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