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You are probably wondering how you can join and race with us online. The following is all the necessary information that you need to know in order to join in the fun.

1- Buy/find/download/... install rfactor1.
2- Go to the following link and download SimSync (
3- Download and extract it to your desktop
4- Put the "SimSyncPro.exe" and two ini files to the main rfactor directory (wherever you installed rfactor), either program files (x86)or program files.

 It should look something like this:


5- Right click on blue sim sync pro icon and hit run as administrator. You will want to do this everytime you run sim sync to make sure all files install correctly. It will ask you to update to the latest. You can chose no.
6- From the drop-down menu at the top, chose either "SimSyncPro.ini" (Xtreme) or "SimSyncPro_MagicHouse.ini".


You will see many options (series/tracks). Check the boxes for whatever series or tracks you wish to download.

Those will get you all the tracks on our servers. Anytime you get a mismatch entering our servers, it's recommended that you run sim sync to get the latest files and paint jobs for each mod and track.
After that you will hit start. It will take a minute or two and it will pair whats on our server versus what's in your rfactor install. You will then see a big white screen pop up with file names. Those are what you don't have in your rfactor folder. They will be downloaded for you. "Click Ok" in the top left corner.

If this is your first time running sim sync, it's going to take a while. Sim Sync is awesome for installing files! It's a beautiful thing!
From there it's a matter of downloading Teamspeak 3 and connecting to our IP addresses.

Please check out and join the facebook pages for further information:
Extreme fb group page
Magic House fb group page

Feel free to email us if you have any questions:

Download Teamspeak 3 (32 bit or 64 bit free client), its a chat program you will need to install in order to race with us. When installed go to connections-connect and enter the server address . Put your name in there and hit connect. When done with that go to settings-options-capture- and click on push to talk. Set a key or button preference. That key is the key you hit to "key up" or talk.

In order to ensure you have the best online racing experience with us, we recommend the logitech momo steering wheel and pedals, the logitech g27 or g29 wheel and pedals, or a logitech driving force gt steering wheel... Some of our members also race with a gamepad.

For our chat program (teamspeak or ts for short) we recommend a usb headset, but a microphone with system speakers will do.

JCR shane

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