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Leo Caldwell

Perrysville, Ohio -

Leo Caldwell won back-to-back championships at Fremont Speedway in 1951 and 1952. Leo made occasional visits to Oswego in the early 60's.

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Here is an abstract of what was/is probably the greatest sprint car race of all time:
The Peach Blossom 200, (miles at Atlanta) was held on October 11, 1964, and was promoted by American Raceways, Inc. Greg Weld was not the winner, but did win the pole at a tour of 157.434 MPH; the fastest IMCA sprint lap in history. It's entirely possible that this was the fastest average speed ever turned for a lap by anything classified as a "sprint car," anywhere.
Leo Caldwell won in a Ford-powered upright in a field mixed with uprights and roadsters.
Other top finishers:
2nd - Clare Lawicki
3rd - Curly Boyd
4th - Sam Sessions
5th - Red Amick
6th - John Logan
Average Speed - 124.998 MPH (probably also a record for a long sprint car race). Caldwell won $4,125 of a total purse of $25,000; 28 cars started the race. Six of the year's 13 USAC National Championship races paid a lower purse, if that gives you an idea of the significance.

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