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Here you will find supermodified images continued from page 1 up to the 2010 season. Also included on this page is a section for Oswego's support divisions. Please refer to Page 1 for information concerning submissions to this site.


These images are arranged by date... oldest first.
images from the 2004 season...
  • Bob Goutermout On the pace lap for the second semi during the July 10th 2004 "open competition" event at Oswego.
  • Bob Goutermout's machine... or what's left of it just a couple of laps later after hitting the main gate on the frontstretch. Bob was able to walk away.
  • Howard Page is ready to be pushed off for the feature under the watchful eye of crewman Randy Daratt . (7-10-04)
  • Bill Sharkey paces down the backstretch on July 10th, 04.
  • The Hite built 4wd rear engine car lives! I was told that this is the same chassis that raced at Oswego almost 30 years ago, shown here on july 10th competing in the open competition show. It is now owned by Dave Hollinger, who purchased it only 9 months prior to this event, having found it sitting in a barn! Gene Lee Gibson looked very fast and capable of winning but mechanical woes sidelined the car early in the feature. (7-10-04)
    Here's another shot -as the Hollinger team scrambled to get the car ready. and another... -Hollinger says he would like to bring it back for next years open comp show.
  • Doug Didero's brand new ride. (7-10-04)
  • Joe Gosek, This was shot during the July 10th open comp show.
  • Joe Hawksby Jr debuted this beautiful machine on July 10th and was very quick right off the trailer, It was the first new Hawk chassis. Greg Furlong ordered one for the following year and dominated with it!
  • Jenny Chesbroin her sharp Page built #33. (2004)
  • blurred but cool, kinda conveys the exciting atmosphere on a Saturday night at the "Big O"! Howard Page in the middle with Todd Stowell and Bob Magner. (7-10-04)
  • The Tim Gareau #5, this sharp machine led the points race as of 7-17-04.
  • Bill Sharkey took a hard ride over Joe Gosek and through Joe's cage, landed very hard causing a brief fire. This was the last we would see of the #7 in 2004, and Joe was very lucky to walk away from this. (7-17-04)
  • Clyde Booth's #61 is a work of engineering art. This car had 'em covered with Mike Ordway aboard in the 2004 running of the "Mr Supermodified" $10,000 to win event. (7-17-04)
  • the front end of the booth 61 looks more like an F1 car than a super with the airfoil shape of of the suspension and steering pieces and the high nose.
  • the cockpit has a little "door" for easier access to an exceptionally "enclosed" office.
  • The 61 team, feeling real good about themselves... and rightly so!
  • Bobby Bond's McLane sponsored #25. (7-17)
  • Tim Snyder, comin' right at you. Aug 14th action.
  • Tim Snyder takes a look on the high side of Otto Sitterly as they barrel into turn 3. (8-14-04)
  • Bob Goutermout pushes off. (8-14-04)
  • Jerry Curran and Vern LaFave's 97 run side by side. (8-14-04)
  • Todd Stowell and Dave Trytek also comin' right at you! From Aug 14th.  get the 1024x768 version.
  • Shawn Muldoon is a top runner these days.
  • Craig Rayvals had two former Mike Muldoon cars at his disposal.
  • Jamie Moore straps in to the Dave Lair-Jet. (Aug 14th)
  • Joe Gosek was back in action in the Carson Car Mart #27 with his new roll cage, but had a steering linkage bolt break during the feature causing a scary moment... He stopped the car safely. (Aug 14th)
  • The track Championship for Tim Gareau may well have been won right here in the pits. A first heat tangle on twin 30s night could well have cost him the points lead, but his team was not to be denied. The axle was replaced and other damage repaired in time and as they say... the rest was history! (he got a 9th and an 11th) (Aug 14th)
  • Jeff Holbrook prepares to push off in his Deals on Wheels #35. (Aug 14th)
  • same image as above - but larger (1024x768).
  • Gene Lee Gibson has a very cool paint job on his Steve miller 16. (Aug 21st)
  • Dan Kapuscinski goes to the high side of Pat Lavery . (Aug 21st)
  • Bob Bond gets into the foam in turn 3 on Aug 21st. He came back to win a very competitive 13 car consi as a strong field of Supers were on hand.
  • Hal Latulip was part of a large field of Supers that showed up Aug 21st as many teams try to get set up for the upcoming Classic.
  • Kelly Miller, up from the Street Stock ranks, looked very smooth in his first night of competition at "the big O". This is a former Jeff West machine.
  • Ray Graham Jr. looked real strong in the second feature Aug 21st, regaining the lead from Joe Gosek before finally settling for second.
  • Greg Furlong hooks up on the high side of Jenny Chesbro. (8-21)
  • Tim Snyder eyes the low side of the Goutermout 77 entering turn 3. (8-21)
  • Danny Kapuscinski works the high side of Ray Graham Jr. and the Furlong 72 looks to follow during heat 3 action. (8-21)
  • Tim Gareau shown here after finishing 3rd in the regular 45 lap feature on Aug 21st. This capped off a great night for Tim after winning the rain-delayed Aug 7th 50 lapper earlier in the evening.
  • Joe "Go" Gosek was the happy winner of the 45 lapper that evening. (8-21)

2004 Budweiser International Classic 

  • Ron Wallace, pictured here with his wife Faye, was honored in ceremonies prior to the race. Ronnie was a fan favorite for many years and nailed down a track title in 1975. Sadly, we lost Ronnie on Sat. January 15th, 2005... thanks for the memories Ron.
  • Supercrew of the year award went to the Furlong racing team. The car in the foreground was Doug Heveron's ride this year.
  • Front row qualifiers Ordway and Didero receive their awards.
  • A new track record of 16.642 was set by the high-flying Booth/Ordway team .
  • View from above of the slick Booth machine.
  • Otto Sitterly acknowledges the fans prior to the race. He too, would get caught up in the lap 181 mess.
  • Joey Payne, of Fairlawn, N.J Qualified 11th and ran strong until getting caught up in the lap 181 skirmish. The "Jersey Jet" wound up 18th.
  • This skirmish in a qualifying race cost Brandon Bellinger, Justin Belfiore and Bobby Parrow a shot at the Classic.
  • Johnny Torrisse also missed the show after finding the foam in preliminaries.
  • Gary Morton surprised some by nailing down the 3rd fastest time , shown here overtaking the #7 of Tim Jedrezak. He finished 13th and can be seen here talking with fans after the race.
  • Todd Stowell had a pretty good day, he started 8th and finished 5th.
  • Joe Gosek chases Johnny Payne during prelims. Joe finished 7th, and Johnny wound up 24th in the 200.
  • Howard Page hits the scales after his 3rd place run in the second heat.
  • The field set to roll, as seen from the grandstands.
  • Just some of the victims of the lap 181 pile-up.
  • Tim Gareau's car would not refire after the red flag on lap 181. The black flag was just being unfurled when it finally sputtered to life... He was running second at the time.
  • Coming down for the checkers on the final lap of the 2004 Classic. I had scoring duties for the Bliss/Page #65, so this is a "through the fence" shot of a sputtering (out of fuel) Greg Furlong trying to hold off a fast closing Bob Santos. Tim Gareau rides in third ahead of the very fast lapped car of Dave McKnight, who showed great sportsmanship by yielding to Gareau and Santos in the closing laps.
  • Greg Furlong on the podium again!.
  • A wrecked but happy Greg Furlong shows a winning smile. Bobby Santos had come just a half car-length short at the line, but was "sorta" out of control by then and collided with Furlong soon after, which caused twin explosions of foam along the first turn wall!
  • Tech inspection after the race for the two top finishers... are these two cars legal now?!?
  • Doug Heveron finished 11th in the Furlong #22 after a late spin. He said he really enjoys the winged asphalt sprints he runs in Florida, but does miss the "big O"
  • Danny K's 85 joined the boneyard after getting into the marbles.
  • See the Tomsuper page to read my notes from the 2004 Classic, and see the final finishing order.
  • you can also go to the Tomsuper archives for recaps of the other races I attended during the 2004 season.
  • 2004 results week by week for all divisions.

best run
2005 pre-season...

2005 Oswego Supermodified season

  • Opening day (May 14th) thumb-nail summary page.
  • Week 2 (May 21st) thumb-nail summary page.

Jim Shampine Memorial day weekend

See below (Oswego support divisions) for their summary

October 8th...
  • Bentley got 2nd behind Tim Snyder in this chilly late season show.
  • first turn skirmish involved Stowell, Bond, Torrise and Danny K.
  • The Furlong 72 got trashed after a hard right turn into the backstretch wall. Greg squeezed out of there and walked away.

2006 season...

A Classic top 5 for Danny K and the Bliss racing team... not too bad!
  • Photo recap - of the 50th running of the International Classic
  • Photo recap - from the #65 team's perspective.
  • Josh, Tom, Barry and Danny and the #65 super make a late season appearance in preparation for the Classic.
  • Bentley Warren still a wicked good racer at age 65. This shot is from the 10grand show on Aug 26th.
  • closing laps of the Sept 17th ISMA show at Oswego... Bentley sizes up the leaders, Dave McKnight and Chris Perley
  • Ben slides underneath teammate Perley who had been working to the outside of McKnight.
  • and with 5 to go, slips past Dave McKnight for the lead!
  • Warren sets sail for the checkers!

2007 -2010

Oswego Supermodified Opening Night Winnersclick to expand/contract text area [-]
1962 - Art Bennett *
1963 - Dave Paul *
1964 - Nolan Johncock
1965 - Art Bennett
1966 - Bob Smith (OH)
1967 - Gorton Dukes
1968 - Red Barnhardt
1969 - Ken Andrews *
1970 - Norm Mackereth
1971 - Jim Shampine
1972 - Jim Shampine *
1973 - Jim Shampine *
1974 - Jim Shampine *
1975 - Jim Shampine
1976 - Jim Shampine *
1977 - Kempton Dates *
1978 - Eddie Bellinger, Jr.
1979 - Jim Shampine *
1980 - Bentley Warren
1981 - Chuck Ciprich
1982 - Doug Heveron *
1983 - Steve Gioia, Jr.
1984 - Warren Coniam
1985 - Eddie Bellinger, Jr.
1986 - Bentley Warren *
1987 - Bentley Warren *
1988 - Joe Gosek
1989 - Bentley Warren *
1990 - Mike Ordway
1991 - Joe Gosek
1992 - Pat Abold *
1993 - Pat Abold
1994 - Bentley Warren
1995 - Doug Didero *
1996 - Cliff Graves
1997 - Mike Muldoon *
1998 - Randy Ritskes
1999 - Mike Muldoon *
2000 - Greg Furlong *^
2001 - Bob Goutermout
2002 - Mike Ordway
2003 - Mike Ordway
2004 - Mike Ordway
2005 - Joe Gosek ^
2006 - Otto Sitterley *^
2007 - Joe Gosek
2008 - Otto Sitterley *
2009 - Ray Graham Jr.^
2010 - Otto Sitterley *
2011 - Randy Ritskes
2012 - Otto Sitterley
2013 - Davey Hamilton
2014 - Dave Danzer

* Went on to become Track Champion that year
^ Opening night rained out; first feature of the season

Oswego support divisions  

2004 season...

  • Chris Proud in the white #3 works his way through traffic on his way to another feature win. His consistent performance would earn him the 2004 limited track title! (Aug 21st)
  • JJ Andrews and crew collected their 7th consecutive Gater News Best Appearing Car and Crew award on Classic weekend.
  • Three abreast as the Super Stocks race through turn one.
  • The Super Stocks are now bringing full fields and plenty of competition.
  • The limited supers in heavy traffic thru 3 and 4 on lap one of the feature. (7-17-04)
  • Bob Newman was the SS feature winner on Aug 14th.
  • Ryan Coleman overcame a spin earlier in the evening to grab his first feature win from the pole on Aug 14th .
  • the foam was flying in turn three in this Aug 14th mix-up.
  • J J Andrews has a really cool looking ride!
  • Ron Mattison might be back at the drawing board after his daughter Star crashed on the last lap of the feature on Aug 14th... she was uninjured.
  • Doug Cliff owns the low line and Shawn Walker challenges as the two dive into turn 3. (8-14-04)
  • Dave Cliff is a real up and comer... he swept the heat and feature on consecutive weeks in June. (8-14-04)
  • Tom Jodway encounters a "foamy" situation. (8-14-04)
  • Stan Gates of Mexico NY is all business as he powers down the backstretch. (8-14-04)
  • Kris Meyn works under Mike Bond on his way to a 5th place feature finish. (Aug 21st)
  • Jason Dinzler runs on the outside during feature action on Aug 21st.
  • Joe Miller and his sharp looking #9 wound up in the foam on Aug 21st.
  • Bill Denner gets a little crossed up in front of Larry Muroski during the SS feature. (Aug 21st)
  • here is an example of the new Ford Focus midget. They are on the 2005 schedule and will compete on the newly resurfaced inner track.
  • JJ Andrews won the first Limited Super race ever run at Adirondack Speedway in 2001. Jay said "And a funny story about that burnout....that was my last. Not only did I over-rev it and bend a couple of valves, but I also broke the spool in the rear end. It cost a few bucks. Think I was excited?"

2005 season...

  • Rob Pullen of Oswego started his season early at the Syr Motorsports show. Tim Barbeau's #50 is in the background.
  • The Tobias Slingshot series made a couple of appearances at the big "O". These little bombs are chain driven and powered by a big Briggs&Stratten. They are surprisingly quick on the small oval.
  • another Slingshot ready to go in the pits.
  • This Slingshot really cranks up the left front. He was the winner on 8/20/05.
  • Ford Focus thumbnail page from the May 14th event.
  • Joe Miller of Volney NY won the rain shortened feature on May 14th. He is batting 1000 so far this season, having also won on May 7th.
  • Jack Patrick Started off the season with a bang! (5-14)
  • Stan Gates is pressured from behind in turn 1. (5-14)
  • Ryan Coleman draws a bead on Keith Gilliam's rr tire... he missed... (5-14)
  • but collected others (5-14)
  • May 21st thumb-nail summary The event was rain-shortened but the Limited supers got their show in!
  • Memorial Day weekend (May 28th and 29th) summary page.
  • June 4th summary page.
  • My son Eric blew in from Kansas for a visit and got his first dose of Oswego. (6-4-05)
  • June 11th summary page... in memory of Tony White.
  • July 2nd summary page. The June 18th and 24th (NORA) feature results are also listed here.
  • July 9th Twin 20's.
  • July 23rd Mr Limited Supermodified.
  • July 23rd Mr Super Stock summary.
  • August 6th race results. Sorry, no images... I was on vacation!
  • August 13th summary page.
  • Classic Weekend summary page.
  • Sept. 24th summary page and final point standings.

2006 season...

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