During the 1975 season it became apparent to Jimmy Shampine that the competition was catching up to his roadster that carried him to so many features over the past six seasons. Jimmy was not only a great driver and sportsman but he was equally as good in the design and construction of supermodifieds. He was constantly looking for a way to get the edge on his competition through better design, yet he was very practical in his approach. His equipment, while sophisticated in thought, was simple in construction. Over the winter and spring of 1976 he created a supermodified that was to become known as the "radical offset". It was also to become known as revolutionary and unbeatable! The car was very similar to every other super in competition with one exception, the entire drive line was offset farther to the left than anyone had ever dared try. It was offset so far that the drive line was on the outside of the left frame rail! Respected car owner of that time, Doug Duncan, took one look at it when Jimmy unveiled it on August 14, 1976 and proclaimed that it would never work. Two years later Duncan was playing catch up trying to build one like everyone else. The Shampine radical offset had made every other supermodified obsolete overnight!

Just like the last car, Jimmy didn't enter it into competition right away. He warmed it up, made some adjustments, then put it away and raced his proven conventional roadster for the balance of the '76 season and well into the 1977 season. Matter of fact the first person to drive the car in competition was Steve Gioia on Sept. 25th, 1976. Steve was going for the track championship against Jimmy Shampine when his car developed engine problems. In a true gesture of sportsmanship, Shampine offered Steve his brand new car to race against him for the championship. Steve finished 13th with the car and Jimmy wound up winning the feature and the track championship.

Shampine Offset
Oswego track history
Built during the winter of 1975-76 by Jim Shampine Unveiled Aug 14, 1976
Sept 2545LSteve Gioia Jr.13th
July 30 45LJim Shampine1st
Aug 6 75LJim Shampine1st
Aug 20 45LJim Shampine18th
Aug 27 45LJim Shampine6th
Sept 4 200LJim Shampine39th
May 27 75LJim Shampine15th
May 28 75LJim Shampine18th
June 3 45LJim Shampine1st
June 10 45LJim Shampine1st
June 17 35LJim Shampine1st
June 17 35LJim Shampine1st
June 24 45LJim Shampine1st
July 1 45LJim Shampine1st
July 2 45LJim Shampine1st
July 8 45LJim Shampine1st
July 15 50LJim Shampine1st
July 22 35LJim Shampine1st
July 22 35LJim Shampine1st
Aug 5 75LJim Shampine24th
Aug 12 45LJim Shampine17th
Aug 26 50LJim Shampine16th
Sept 3 200LJim Shampine2nd
Sept 30 30LJim Shampine1st
May 13 50LJim Shampine1st
May 19 45LJim Shampine24th
June 2 45LJim Shampine19th
June 3 75LJim Shampine21st
June 9 45LJim Shampine3rd
June 16 35LJim Shampine2nd
June 16 35LJim Shampine1st
June 23 45LJim Shampine1st
June 30 75LJim Shampine3rd
July 7 45LJim Shampine3rd
July 14 50LJim Shampine20th
July 21 35LJim Shampine1st
July 21 35LJim Shampine2nd
July 28 45LJim Shampine1st
Aug 4 75LJim Shampine2nd
Aug 11 45LJim Shampine1st
Aug 18 50LJim Shampine1st
Sept 3 200LJim Shampine28th
Aug 31200LJim Shampine1st
(Led all 200 laps)
Aug 1 75LJim Shampine16th
Aug 29 45LJim Shampine20th
Sept 7200LJim Shampine23rd
Sold to Norm Foster after Classic
Oct 1030LMike McLaughlin23rd
May 15 45LMike McLaughlin15th
May 30 75LMike McLaughlin18th
June 12 35LMike McLaughlin16th
June 26 45LMike McLaughlin4th
July 3 75LMike McLaughlin2nd
July 10 45LMike McLaughlin3rd
July 17 35LMike McLaughlin3rd
July 17 35LMike McLaughlin1st
July 24 45LMike McLaughlin20th
July 31 75LMike McLaughlin5th
Aug 21 35LMike McLaughlin7th
Aug 21 35LMike McLaughlin22nd
Aug 28 45LMike McLaughlin24th
Sept 5 200LMike McLaughlin17th
Oct 9 30LMike McLaughlin5th
Sold to Jamie Moore and renumbered 10
Aug 27 45LJamie Moore21st
Sept 4 200LJamie Moore20th
May 12 45LJamie Moore5th
May 19 45LJamie Moore16th
May 27 75LJamie Moore17th
June 9 35LJamie Moore5th
June 9 35LJamie Moore4th
June 16 45LJamie Moore5th
June 23 45LJamie Moore10th
June 30 75LJamie Moore8th
July 7 45LJamie Moore17th
July 14 35LJamie Moore15th
July 14 35LJamie Moore20th
July 21 45LNA NA
July 28 75LJamie Moore15th
Aug 18 35LJamie Moore8th
Aug 18 35LJamie Moore9th
Aug 25 20LJamie Moore9th
Aug 25 45LJamie Moore13th
Sept 2 200LJamie Moore
Magari car? The pictured
car sure looks like the
Offset but the picture
might have been from
another event
Oct 6 35L NANA
Changed number to 40
Aug 17 35LJamie Moore 8th
Aug 24 45LJamie Moore 6th
Sept 1200LDoug Saunier3rd
May 25 100LJamie Moore 18th
June 14 35LMike Ordway 19th
June 14 35LMike Ordway 16th
Aug 31 200LDoug Saunier21st
Changed number to 44
Aug 1 75LJamie Moore9th
Aug 22 35LJamie Moore17th
Aug 29 45LJamie Moore13th
Sept 6200LJamie Moore7th
Oct 3 35LJamie Moore2nd
Oct 10 35LJamie Moore3rd
Sept 4200LJamie Moore26th
Sept 3200LJamie Moore28th
June 29100LJamie Moore1st
Sept 1200LJamie Moore33rd
Sept 5200LJamie Moore11th
Sept 4200LJamie Moore23rd
Sept 3200LJamie Moore5th
Sept 1200LJamie Moore12th
Jul 20 50LJamie Moore3rd
Sept 1200LJamie Moore13th
car still currently owned by Jamie Moore.
I am sure the car has more good runs between 1987 and now, I'll keep looking!

Jimmy brought the car back in 1977 with some changes on the car, most notably to the body panels which he cut down dramatically. As the weeks rolled by the speeds in the new car continued to get faster. The car was consistently below the 17.5 seconds per lap bracket in practice and the big question was - WHEN? ... When would Jimmy enter it into competition...

The night finally arrived on July 30th and he promptly put it into victory lane. He came back the next week and victory again! It looked like there was no stopping him now and Classic was only three weeks away. Then Lady Luck decided to take a vacation on Jimmy and his new car would not find victory lane again at Oswego until June of the following year, 1978. But what a year, 11 features in a row starting on June 3rd; a new track record!

1979 was another successful year as well, but the winds of change were still blowing in Jimmy's mind. He engineered yet another car that proved to be very successful. It was a rear engine supermodified with the same radical offset. Having proved he could do that and with the new rule changes that were coming down in 1980, Jimmy decided it was time to move on. He did not run a regular schedule of supermodified racing in 1980. The famous radical offset car sat in the garage waiting for a shot at the race that had eluded Jimmy and his offset car for so many years, the International Classic. Jimmy brought the car out several weeks before to shake the car down and tipped it over in a freak accident at the start of his heat race. He returned Classic weekend, set 2nd fast time then led EVERY LAP of the 200 lap race to win the Classic in convincing style.

Jimmy stayed away from regular competition in 1981 and Lady Luck was on vacation as well. He sold the car after the '81 Classic to Norm Foster of Savannah, N.Y. who put rising star Mike McLaughlin in the cockpit.

Mike ran a complete season in 1982 and won a feature with it by mid season. Mike was a good friend of Jimmy's and was devastated by Jim's untimely death in the '82 Bud 200. Mike tried desperately to win the emotion filled '82 Classic and was battling for the lead with Steve Gioia when they both got into some oil and crashed out of the event. Mike moved on to modified racing the next season and Norm Foster put the car up for sale. Incredibly no one came forth for almost a whole year to purchase this car!

Jamie Moore of Auburn, N.Y. finally got up enough money and made the buy of a life time! For less than $8,000 Jamie picked up this car that he still campaigns today. He finished out the '83 season with it, ran it in '84 and just selected shows in '85, '86 and '87 while he ran for another car owner during this period. The car still continues to show tremendous strength especially in the long distance races. Doug Saunier drove it to a fine 3rd place in the '85 Classic and Moore was running 2nd in the '87 Classic when he pitted for fuel. As of this writing, which is the winter of '87-'88, Jamie finished the last two races of the '87 season with 2nd and 3rd place finishes. So, there's plenty of life left in this Shampine radical offset car yet!