Jimmy Shampine patterned the new wedge design supermodified he built for the 1969 season after the wedge shaped STP Indy cars that were the rage at the time. Jimmy brought the car out in the middle of the 1969 season but did not compete with it himself until the 1970 season.

The car showed great potential, however, in the 1969 Classic when Irish Jack Murphy took the car from 30th starting position all the way to 9th in a matter of 50 laps before dropping out when a suspension part broke in the rear end.

Shampine redesigned the front end of the car during the winter of 69-70 and did away with the wedge design in favor of a more conventional front end.

Two weeks into the '70 season and the car won its first two features, he won both twin 50's that night. In the eight years that Jimmy campaigned this super he won an incredible 55 features, more than any other car has ever won. He also won 5 track championships with it and two International Classics. Jimmy also had several winning streaks with the famous 8 ball; four in a row in 1970, and seven in a row in 1974. With this car Jimmy also won the opening day show six years in a row from 1971 through 1976.

Shampine Wedge
Oswego track history
Car was built in the off season of 68-69
July 1945L Mark Letcher-0824th
Aug 9 45L Bi11y Yuma-08 22nd
Aug 2345L Jack Murphy-6 12th
Aug 31200L Jack Murphy 33rd
Sept 6 45L Jack Murphy 19th
Sept 1345L Jack Murphy 18th
May 23 45LJim Shampine14th
May 30 50LJim Shampine1st
May 30 50LJim Shampine1st
June 6 45LJim Shampine1st
June 13 45LJim Shampine1st
June 20 45LJim Shampine9th
June 27 45LJim Shampine1st
July 4 10OLJim Shampine1st
July 11 45LJim Shampine13th
July 18 45LJim Shampine1st
July 25 45LJim Shampine1st
Aug 1 45LJim Shampine2nd
Aug 8 45LJim Shampine1s1
Aug 15 75LJim Shampine2nd
Aug 22 45LJim Shampine2nd
Aug 29 45LJim Shampine1st
Sept 6 200LJim Shampine1st
Sept 12 45LJim Shampine1st
Sept 19 75LJim Shampine18th
May 15 45LJim Shampine1st
May 22 45LJim Shampine3rd
May 29 50LJim Shampine1st
May 29 50LJim Shampine2nd
June 5 45LJim Shampine3rd
June 12 45LJim Shampine18th
June 19 75LJim Shampine3rd
June 26 45LJim Shampine7th
July 3 100LJim Shampine13th
July 10 45LJim Shampine6th
July 17 25LJim Shampine2nd
July 17 25LJim Shampine11th
July 31 75LJim Shampine7th
Aug 7 45LJim Shampine18th
Aug 14 45LJim Shampine18th
Aug 21 45LJim Shampine5th
Aug 28 45LJim Shampine24th
Sept 5 200LJim Shampine8th
Sept 18 75LJim Shampine24th
May 13 45LJim Shampine1st
May 20 45LJim ShampineNA
May 27 50LJim Shampine3rd
May 27 50LJim Shampine14th
June 3 45LJim Shampine2nd
June 10 45LJim Shampine2nd
June 17 75LJim Shampine1st
June 24 45LJim Shampine1st
July 1 100LJim Shampine13th
July 8 45LJim Shampine1st
July 15 30LJim Shampine1st
July 22 30LJim Shampine2nd
July 29 45LJim Shampine24th
July 29 75LJim Shampine2nd
Aug 5 45LJim Shampine2nd
Aug 12 45LJim Shampine1st
Aug 19 45LJim Shampine1st
Aug 26 45LJim Shampine2nd
Sept 3 200LJim Shampine30th
Sept 9 45L Jim Shampine2nd
Sept 16 75LJim Shampinelst
May 12 45LJim Shampine1st
May 19 45LJim Shampinelst
May 27 33LJim Shampine4th
May 27 33LJim Shampine1st
May 27 33LJim Shampine1st
June 2 45LJim Shampine1st
June 9 45L NA NA
June 16 75LJim Shampine2nd
June 23 45LJim Shampinelst
June 30100LJim Shampine18th
July 7 45LJim Shampine2nd
July 14 50LJim Shampine1st
July 21 30LJim Shampine5th
July 21 30LJim Shampine11th
July 28 45LJim Shampine23rd
Aug 4 75LJim Shampine2nd
Aug 11 45LJim Shampine9th
Aug 19 25LJim Shampine15th
Aug 19 45LJim Shampine4th
Aug 25 45LJim Shampine9th
Sept 2 200LJim Shampine6th
Sept 8 45LJim Shampine2nd
Sept 15 75LJim Shampinelst
May 5 75LJim Shampine1st
May 11 45LJim Shampine1st
May 18 45LJim Shampine1st
May 25 33LJim Shampine1st
May 25 33LJim Shampine1st
May 25 33LJim Shampine1st
June 1 45LJim Shampine1st
June 8 45LJim Shampine22nd
June 15 75LJim Shampine1st
June 22 45LJim Shampine3rd
June 29 45LJim Shampine1st
July 6 100L DNS NA
July 13 45LJim Shampine19th
July 20 50LJim Shampine4th
July 27 30LJim Shampine1st
Aug 10 30LJim Shampine4th
Aug 10 75LJim Shampine1st
Aug 17 25LJim Shampine16th
Aug 17 45LJim Shampine2nd
Aug 24 45LJim Shampine12th
Sept 1 200LJim Shampine1st
Sept 7 45LJim Shampine2nd
Sept 14 75LJim Shampine13th
Oct 5 50LJim Shampine1st
Oct 5 50LJim Shampine6th
May 11 75LJim Shampine1st
May 17 45LJim Shampine1st
May 24 75L NA NA
June 8 45LJim Shampine2nd
June 8 45LJim Shampine2nd
June 14 30LJim Shampine1st
June 14 30LJim Shampine1st
June 21 45LJim Shampine2nd
June 28 45LJim Shampine2nd
July 5 100LJim Shampine1st
July 13 45LJim Shampine3rd
July 19 50LJim Shampine2nd
July 26 30LJim Shampine2nd
July 26 30LJim Shampine20th
Aug 3 75LJim Shampine11th
Aug 9 45LJim Shampine6th
Aug 16 25LJim Shampine3rd
Aug 16 45LJim Shampine7th
Aug 23 45LJim Shampine3rd
Aug 31 200LJim Shampine24th
Sept 13 75LJim Shampine6th
Sept 27 50LJim Shampine2nd
May 22 45LJim Shampine1st
May 29 75LJim Shampine1st
June 5 75LJim Shampine2nd
June 5 45LJim Shampine2nd
June 12 45LJim Shampine3rd
June 19 35LJim Shampine5th
June 19 35LJim Shampine8th
June 26 45LJim Shampine1st
July 3 100LJim Shampine4th
July 10 45LJim Shampine6th
July 17 50LJim Shampine5th
July 24 35LJim Shampine4th
July 24 35LJim Shampine3rd
Aug 14 75LJim Shampine27th
Aug 21 25LJim Shampine1st
Aug 21 45LJim Shampine1st
Sept 5 200LJim Shampine5th
Sept 18 45LJim Shampine4th
Sept 25 45LJim Shampine1st
Sept 25 45LJim Shampine3rd
Oct 2 30LJim Shampine5th
May 15 75LJim Shampine 2nd
June 4 75LJim Shampine 1st
June 11 45LJim Shampine 3rd
June 18 35LJim Shampine 3rd
June 25 35LJim Shampine 5th
June 25 45LJim Shampine 2nd
July 2 100LJim Shampine 2nd
July 9 45LJim Shampine 2nd
July 16 50LJim Shampine 3rd
July 23 35LJim Shampine 2nd
July 23 35LJim Shampine 3rd
Sept 4 200LTroyer/Shampine 4th
Sept 17 45LJim Shampine 24th
Car sold to Tom Heveron during off season
May 28 75LDoug Heveron12th
June 3 45LDoug Heveron16th
June 10 45LDoug Heveron15th
June 17 35LDoug Heveron13th
June 17 35LDoug Heveron8th
June 24 45LDoug Heveron24th
Sept 3 200LDoug Heveron13th
Sept 30 30LDoug Heveron14th
May 13 50LDoug Heveron7th
May 19 45LDoug Heveron3rd
June 2 45LDoug Heveron8th
June 3 75LDoug Heveron22nd
June 9 45LDoug Heveron4th
June 16 35LDoug Heveron13th
June 16 35LDoug Heveron13th
June 30 75LDoug Heveron24th
July 7 45LDoug Heveron18th
July 21 35LDoug Heveron14th
July 21 35LDoug Heveron18th
July 28 45LDoug Heveron8th
Aug 4 75LDoug Heveron18th
Aug 11 45LDoug Heveron5th
Aug 25 45LDoug Heveron4th
Sept 3 200LDoug Heveron3rd
Oct 6 30LDoug Heveron19th
Oct 1130LDoug Heveron14th
Car purchased by Tom Holly during 1981 season
Aug 2235LTom Holly24th
Car purchased by Dave Loucks during off season
July 1735LDave Loucks23rd
July 2445LDave Loucks21st
Aug 14 45LDave Loucks19th
Car was sold to Jim Paternoster of Oswego and restored as the Shampine car of 1976!

In the fall of 1977 Shampine sold this car to a young hopeful from Liverpool, N.Y. looking to make his mark in the supermodified racing world, Doug Heveron.

At only 16 years of age, Doug started out the 1978 season behind the wheel of this famous car. He made it all the way to the end of June until breaking his jaw in a crash in turn three and sat out the remaining races until Classic. Doug qualified the car for Classic and finished a respectable 13th.

Heveron campaigned this car the entire 1979 season and got two third place finishes that year, one of which was the Classic.

Tom Heveron, Doug's father and the man behind the team's efforts, had a new car built for Doug in 1980 and kept the Shampine chassis as a back up. Heveron only had to drive it once in 1980. They sold the car during the 1981 season to Tom Holly who drove it only once and sold it to Dave Loucks for the 1982 season. Loucks campaigned the car in 1982 and made three features in July and August before his untimely death (not racing related).

Local auto racing enthusiast Jim Paternoster, purchased the car from the Loucks estate and restored it to it's original condition and it now sits in a garage at the Paternoster residence awaiting the day that perhaps Oswego would have a racing museum.