While Purdy was winning with an upright super, Todd Gibson from Richwood, Ohio decided that a lower center of gravity was the way to go. Gibson was one of the first to introduce the roadster type design, that was used in Indy car racing. By roadster we mean the drive line is offset to the left so that the driver sits beside the drive line, thus the entire center of gravity of the car is lower. By contrast the upright car has the drive line mounted down the center of the car and the driver sits on top of the drive shaft, thus making the car sit higher. The USAC Indy influence in supermodified racing was once again apparent here as Todd purchased a wrecked Kunzman Indy car chassis after the 1966 season and took the running gear off of it to create his new supermodified. Gibson offset the drive line eight inches, which was unheard of at this time. He also shortened the wheel base considerably from conventional supers and lightened up the overall frame. The results were a superior handling car right from the outset of the 1967 season.

It took him only two times out with the car to find victory lane. However, engine problems kept plaguing him all season and Todd became so frustrated that he parked the car by mid August and picked up another ride for the balance of the '67 season.

Todd missed the first two weeks of the 1968 season because of a supermodified tour in the midwest which he competed in. But he was back with the Flintstone Flyer (the nickname of the car) on June 8th and into victory lane. Todd then proceeded to amass nine feature wins in a row with this car before having problems. He then rolled out 4 more additional wins to end up with 13 total features in 1968 and the track championship.

After this very successful season Todd also got the calling to try his hand in USAC with a shot at making the Indy 500. He sold the prize winning car to a young fellow by the name of Jim Quinn in nearby Syracuse, N.Y. Quinn had never driven a supermodified before in his life and suddenly found himself behind the wheel of the winningest car of its time.

See a color photo of Quinn's version of this famous car. It was real sharp and raced in this configuration just once! Also, notice how similar the design of the new Swift car is...

It was a great waste of a potential winner and along came an all Canadian team composed of car owner Norm Hagen and his driver, the popular and successful Norm Mackereth. They struck a deal with Quinn which saw Hagen take possession of the Gibson roadster and Quinn picking up Norm's old car 40, which was a good "starter car", plus an unspecified amount of cash. Hagen took possession of the car and headed for a special supermodified show at Flamboro Speedway in Ontario, Canada on Wed. July 23rd. They were leading the race when a vapor lock occurred in the engine on a restart and they were unable to refire the car. They came to Oswego on July 26th with the new machine and after a stop in the race, the same vapor lock occurred. This time the car did fire and Norm won the feature his first time out at Oswego with the new car! Everyone figured this would be the start of another reign by the Gibson roadster but it was not to be the case. Norm didn't win another feature in 1969 although he finished second in the Classic.

Four weeks into the 1970 season and Norm just about destroyed the Gibson roadster in a grinding crash in turn one. Meanwhile the Hagen crew had built a back up car to the Gibson roadster and Norm drove that car for the balance of the season.

Hagen repaired the car over the winter of 1971 and Mackereth had a very successful year with the car in '71, visiting victory lane two more times and 13 top five finishes overall. 1972 was the last year Mackereth drove the Hagen car and registered one more win before vacating.

Todd Gibson built
Flintstone Flyer roadster
Oswego track history
May 3045L Todd Gibson2nd
June 1045L Todd Gibson1st
June 1745L Todd Gibson4th
June 2445L Todd Gibsonlst
July 145L Todd Gibson4th
July 1545L Todd Gibson3rd
July 2250L Todd Gibson2nd
July 2945L Todd Gibson1st
Aug 545L Todd Gibson19th
Aug 1245L Todd Gibson15th
Sept 24200LTodd Gibson18th
June 8 45L Todd Gibson1st
June 1545L Todd Gibson1st
June 2245L Todd Gibson1st
June 2945L Todd Gibson1st
July 6 45L Todd Gibson1st
July 1345L Todd Gibson1st
July 2045L Todd Gibson1st
July 2745L Todd Gibson1st
Aug 3 75L Todd Gibson1st
Aug 1045L Todd Gibson13th
Aug 1745L Todd Gibson1st
Aug 2445L Todd Gibson19th
Aug 31200LTodd Gibson33rd
Sept 745L Todd Gibson1st
Sept 1445L Todd Gibson1st
Sept 2175L Todd Gibson1st
Sept 29100LTodd Gibson2nd
Car sold to Jim Quinn
re-numbered 05 for the 1969 season
June 745LJim Quinn17th
Car sold to Norm Hagen renumbered 40 to be driven by Norm Mackereth
July 26 45L Norm Mackereth1st
Aug 2 75L Norm Mackereth18th
Aug 9 45L Norm Mackereth5th
Aug 23 45L Norm Mackereth3rd
Aug 23 45L Norm Mackereth2nd
Aug 31 200LNorm Mackereth2nd
Sept 6th45L Norm Mackereth3rd
Sept 13 45L Norm Mackereth2nd
May 2345LNorm Mackereth1st
May 3050LNorm Mackereth18th
June 645LNorm Mackereth2nd
June 1345LNorm Mackereth23rd
May 15 45LNorm Mackereth3rd
May 22 45LNorm Mackereth5th
May 29 50LNorm Mackereth3rd
May 29 50LNorm Mackereth23rd
June 5 45LNorm Mackereth4th
June 19 75LNorm Mackereth11th
June 26 45LNorm Mackereth4th
July 3 100LNorm Mackereth3rd
July 10 45LNorm Mackereth8th
July 17 25LNorm Mackereth4th
July 17 25LNorm Mackereth4th
July 31 75LNorm Mackereth3rd
Aug 7 45LNorm Mackereth5th
Aug 14 45LNorm Mackereth1st
Aug 21 45LNorm Mackereth21st
Aug 28 45LNorm Mackereth3rd
Sept 5 200LNorm Mackereth35th
Sept 18 75LNorm Mackereth1st
May 13 45LNorm Mackereth2nd
May 20 45LNorm Mackereth2nd
June 3 45LNorm Mackereth21st
June 10 45LNorm Mackereth1st
June 17 75LNorm Mackereth6th
June 24 45LNorm Mackereth2nd
July 1 100LNorm Mackereth21st
July 8 45LNorm Mackereth16th
July 15 30LNorm Mackereth18th
July 22 30LNorm Mackereth16th
July 29 75LNorm Mackereth19th
Aug 19 45LNorm Mackereth4th
Sept 3 200LNorm Mackereth36th
Sept 16 75LNorm Mackereth16th
May 1245L Mark Letcher11th
May 1945L Mark Letcher10th
May 2733L Mark Letcher9th
May 2733L Mark Letcher11th
May 2733L Mark Letcher10th
June 245L Mark Letcher5th
June 945L Mark Letcher8th
June 1675L Mark Letcher7th
June 2345L Mark Letcher12th
June 30100LMark Letcher14th
July 745L Mark Letcher19th
July 2845L Mark Letcher4th
Aug 4 75L Mark Letcher15th
Aug 2545L Mark Letcher17th
Sept 2 200L Mark Letcher5th
Sept 845L Mark Letcher10th
Sept 1575L Mark Letcher9th
May 5 75LJim Gray 12th
May 11 45LJim Gray 12th
May 18 45LJim Gray 7th
June 1 45LJim Gray 19th
June 8 45LJim Gray 5th
June 15 75LBaldy Baker18th
June 22 45LBaldy Baker7th
June 29 45LBaldy Baker5th
July 6 100LBaldy Baker21st
July 13 45LBaldy Baker4th
July 20 50LBaldy Baker1st
July 27 30LJim Cheney 9th
Aug 10 30LJim Cheney 16th
Aug 10 75LBaldy Baker21st
Aug 17 45LBaldy Baker20th
Aug 24 45LBaldy Baker22nd
Sept 1 200LBaldy Baker12th
Sept 7 45LBaldy Baker6th
Sept 14 75LBaldy Baker8th
Oct 5 50LBaldy Baker5th
Oct 5 50LBaldy Baker8th
May 24 75LBaldy Baker 17th
June 8 45LBaldy Baker 17th
June 8 45LBaldy Baker 16th
June 14 30LBaldy Baker 8th
June 14 30LBaldy Baker 5th
June 21 45LBaldy Baker 20th
June 28 45LBaldy Baker 17th
July 5 100LBaldy Baker 26th
July 26 30LRicky Revelle20th
July 26 30LRicky Revelle18th
Aug 16 45LGeorge Boss 22nd
Aug 31 200LGeorge Boss 25th
1976: did not race
Car sold to Brian Morrison # 43
June 1835LBrian Morrison23rd
June 2535LBrian Morrison15th
June 2545LBrian Morrison20th
Cars current status?

Mark Letcher took over the reigns of the car in 1973 and it was renumbered 58. Mark's best finish with it was a fourth. In 1974 Jim Gray, who had driven the backup car for a while, was given a shot at the main ride. He drove it for five weeks before being replaced by a top supermodified driver from Ohio - Baldy Baker.

Baldy was a crafty old veteran that got 110% out of every car he drove and if there was a win left in the Gibson roadster, Baldy would make it happen. Sure enough, on July 20th the old roadster gave its' last win to Baldy. Baker continued to drive the car with limited success. He left the ride about midway through the '75 season. Norm Hagen passed away shortly thereafter and his estate sold the car to Canadian Brian Morrison. Brian brought the car out three times in the 1977 season and was never to appear again. This crash happened on June 25th of '77, and may have been the car's final appearance at Oswego.