Howard Purdy of Gowanda, N.Y., a suburb of Buffalo, had already been a supermodified car owner for many years before he ventured to Oswego in 1963 with driver Ken Fisher aboard. Their success was limited but Howard put his experience to work to build a simple car that would work at Oswego. He finished it late in the 1964 season and hired a promising young Buffalo, N.Y. driver to wheel it.

This particular driver was also trying to get a start in the tough USAC circuit, so tried to hide his supermodified racing with several alias' like Bucky Bucholz (the name of a transmission shop owner in Buffalo) and Bob Hodgson (the name of one of the mechanics on the deuce). But his real name was Ronnie Lux. There was no hiding his identity, however, once he began to dominate the racing at Oswego with the little white coupe that affectionately became known as "The Little Deuce." Lux clicked off 12 feature wins in the 1965 season and then was gone.

He left for a full time USAC career and was killed early in the 1966 season in a sprint car accident in Oklahoma. Howard had confided in Ronnie about who he thought should drive the Deuce. Lux recommended that Howard get the young kid from Massachusetts by the name of Bentley Warren. Ronnie saw a lot of potential in him in the few times he ran against him in the '65 season. Howard was not quick to take Ronnie's advice and tried a few of the other top names in supermodified racing first. In the 1966 season he put four other drivers in the car before he let Bentley drive the car.

With Bentley behind the wheel, the magic seemed to be there again and another dynasty was built. Bentley never came to dominate like Lux did but nevertheless did get seven wins with the car including the 1969 International Classic.

Just as Lux had left for greener pastures in USAC, Bentley did the same in 1970 and Howard just brought the car out for several shows near the end of the season. A young Canadian by the name of Warren Coniam was showing promise at the time and wound up trying to fill Bentley's seat. Warren got a win with it the fifth time out and drove a limited season the following year as well highlighted by a second place in the '71 Classic.

Coniam left for a more permanent ride the next season and Howard brought the deuce out for just two shows in 1972. He secured the driving talents of hockey pro Andy Brown, who promptly put the deuce in the top 10 in the Classic the first time out.

After the 1972 season many thought they'd seen the last of the little coupe. After all it had already seen competition in nine consecutive seasons and it began to lose it's competitive edge.

However, over the winter months of '72-'73 Howard completely rebuilt the deuce, offset the drive line and acquired the services of yet another hot young prospect to drive the car, Jim Winks of Cicero, N.Y. And unlike many seasons previous, in 1973 they would make almost every show. It took Jimmy a few weeks to get used to the car but by August 4th he had his first victory.

With an expanding car business in Gowanda, Howard decided to go back to a partial season in 1974 and out of the 8 times they ran the car, Jimmy won 3 of them. It was fitting that the last race the car ran it won! Howard still has the little deuce stored in a barn just as it rolled onto the trailer after that Oct. 5th, 1974 win.

Purdy Deuce
Oswego track history
This supermodified was built during 1963-1964
Sept 1235L Ron lux13th
Sept 1950L Ron lux20th
Sept 27150LRon lux28th
May 30 35L Ron lux 8th
June 5 35L Ron lux 1st
June 1235L Ron lux 1st
June 1935L Ron lux 1st
June 2635L Ron lux 1st
July 3 35L Ron lux 1st
July 1050L Ron lux 2nd
July 1735L Jim Gresley20th
July 2435L Ron lux 1st
July 3135L Ron lux 1st
Aug 7 35L Ron lux 1st
Aug 14 35L Ron lux 1st
Aug 21 35L Ron lux 19th
Aug 28 35L Ron lux 1st
Sept 4 35L Ron lux 1st
Sept 1135L Ron lux 2nd
Sept 1850L Ron lux 1st
Sept 26200L Ron lux 12th
July 2 35L Art Bennett 5th
July 9 50L Ron Wallace 4th
Aug 6 35L Wayne Landon 17th
Aug 1335L Bob Smith 3rd
Aug 2035L Bob Smith 5th
Aug 2735L Bentley Warren7th
Sept 3 35L Bentley Warren17th
Sept 1035L Bentley Warren4th
Sept 1750L Bentley Warren1st
Sept 25200LBentley Warren36th
June 3 45L Bentley Warren15th
June 1745L Bentley Warren1st
June 2445L Bentley Warren20th
July 1545L Bentley Warren4th
Sept 1650L Bentley Warren19th
Sept 24200LBentley Warren25th
Aug 1745L Bentley Warren2nd
Aug 2445L Bentley Warren22nd
Aug 31200LBentley Warren2nd
Sept 7 45L Bentley Warren18th
Sept 1445L Bentley Warren4th
Sept 2175L Bentley Warren2nd
Sept 29100LBentley Warren20th
May 31 45L Bentley Warren18th
June 14 45L Bentley Warren3rd
June 21 45L Bentley Warren20th
June 28 45L Bentley Warren23rd
July 5 100L Bentley Warren1st
July 12 45L Bentley Warren19th
July 19 45L Bentley Warren1st
Aug 2 75L Bentley Warren16th
Aug 9 45L Bentley Warren14th
Aug 23 45L Bentley Warren2nd
Aug 23 45L Bentley Warren1st
Aug 31 200LBentley Warren1st
Sept 6 45L Bentley Warren23rd
Sept 20 75L Bentley Warren1st
Aug 22 45LWarren Coniam5th
Aug 29 45LWarren Coniam2nd
Sept 6 200LWarren Coniam21st
Sept 12 45LWarren Coniam21st
Sept 19 75LWarren Coniam1st
July 31 75LWarren Coniam9th
Aug 7 45LWarren Coniam6th
Aug 21 45LWarren Coniam9th
Aug 28 45LWarren Coniam4th
Sept 5 200LWarren Coniam2nd
Sept 18 75LWarren Coniam5th
Sept 3200LAndy Brown9th
Sept 945L Andy Brown24th
27 33LJim Winks5th
27 33LJim Winks20th
2 45LJim Winks10th
9 45LJim Winks3rd
16 75LJim Winks3rd
23 45LJim Winks5th
30100LJim Winks6th
7 45LJim Winks9th
14 50LJim Winks10th
21 30LJim Winks19th
21 30LJim Winks6th
28 45LJim Winks2nd
4 75LJim Winks1st
11 45LJim Winks4th
18 25lJim Winks2nd
19 45LJim Winks1st
25 45LJim Winks5th
2 200LJim Winks8th
Aug 10 75LJim Winks14th
Aug 17 45LJim Winks1st
Aug 24 45LJim Winks1st
Sept 1 200LJim Winks8th
Sept 7 45LJim Winks3rd
Sept 14 75LJim Winks2nd
Oct 5 50LJim Winks8th
Oct 5 50LJim Winks1st

The deuce brought four of the most famous names in supermodified racing a total of 25 feature wins.