Instead of using a conventional stock frame as other modified competitors were using, Swift and Wright built their frame to their own specifications out of tubing, just like the Indy cars did. Swift mounted a body on the frame and attempted to compete with the modifieds that were competing at Oswego at that time. It looked like a wolf in sheep's clothing when it arrived in the pit area and track officials refused to let it run. Swift and Wright put their old car together to run the '61 season but did manage to convince track management to let them run the new car in several of the special races during the season, which they won easily. Swift was also allowed to run the car in the '61 Classic and that year several supers showed up for the open competition show including Art Bennett and Gordon Johncock. Swift finished second to Bennett in the race.

The following season Oswego adapted the wide open rules which allowed supermodifieds to compete on a weekly basis and it spelled the end to modified racing here. Swift merely took the body off his "rail job" and ran it like that. These modifieds converted to supers were called "bird cages" at the time and Swift's was the best of the bunch. Four weeks into the '62 season and Nolan had his first win against the dominant Michigan supers who hauled in every week for the big purses. Later in the year Swift hung five feature wins in a row together.

While all of the other modified competitors that stayed in the racing game built new cars that conformed to the supermodifieds of the day, Swift continued to campaign this car year after year and continued to chalk up the wins. He had four in a row in '63 along with the International Classic win. And this car ran even better in 1 964 with six feature wins and the track championship.

Nolan's '65 season was cut short when he took this car end over end and out of the ball park in turn three when he tangled with Todd Gibson in early July. Miraculously Swift was unhurt and the car held up quite well. After a months layoff they were back in competition. Many thought Swift would build a new car for the '66 season but when the gates opened again, Swift pulled in with the same old 10 pins and clicked off 13 top three finishes in a row including four more feature wins and another track championship.

1967 would be the last year Swift and Wright campaigned this car and the last race they ran the car was the 1967 Classic which they won. Swift and Wright built five more cars after this successful car and none of them ever came close. The car they built for the '71 season was a fast one but they promptly sold it after one season in which they won the track championship and Classic.

Once the car left the Swift garage it was never again a factor as far as top finishes were concerned. Even though it was campaigned for another eight years with such drivers as Jim Muldoon, Dick Jerrett Jr., Ron Matteson and Joe Paeno, the best finish it saw was a third place in the inaugural 1969 race when Bobby Stelter drove it to a third place finish.

Flying Boxcar
Oswego track history
Swift 10 Pins Built to run as a modified.
July 4100LNolan Swift1st
Aug 550LNolan Swiftlst
Sept 24150LNolan Swift2nd
May 3035LNolan Swift15th
June 235LNolan Swift12th
June 935LNolan Swift6th
June 1635LNolan Swift1st
June 2335LNolan Swift3rd
July 4100LNolan Swiftlst
July 735LNolan Swift3rd
July 1450LNolan Swift12th
July 2135LNolan Swift3rd
July 2835LNolan Swift1st
Aug 435LNolan Swift1st
Aug 1835LNolan Swift1st
Aug 2535LNolan Swiftlst
Sept 135LNolan Swift1st
Sept 835LNolan Swift14th
Sept 1550LNolan Swift17th
Sept 23150LNolan Swift3rd
May 3035LNolan Swift3rd
June 835LNolan Swift11th
June 1535LNolan Swift6th
June 2235LNolan Swift12th
June 2935LNolan Swift11th
July 435LNolan Swift14th
July 2035LNolan Swift18th
July 2750LNolan Swiftlst
Aug 1035LNolan Swiftlst
Aug 1035LNolan Swift1st
Aug 2435L Nolan Swiftlst
Aug 3135LNolan Swift2nd
Sept 735LNolan Swift11th
Sept 1450LNolan Swift16th
Sept 22150LNolan Swift1st
May 30 35LNolan Swift16th
June 635LNolan Swift15th
June 1335LNolan Swift4th
June 2035LNolan Swift3rd
June 2735LNolan Swift2nd
July 450LNolan Swift2nd
July 1135LNolan Swift1st
July 1835LNolan Swiftlst
July 2535LNolan Swift1st
Aug 135LNolan Swift9th
Aug 835LNolan Swift2nd
Aug 1535LNolan Swift1st
Aug 2950LNolan Swift1st
Sept 535LNolan Swift1st
Sept 1235LNolan Swift17th
Sept 1950LNolan Swift2nd
Sept 27150LNolan Swift27th
May 3035LNolan Swift2nd
June 535LNolan Swift4th
June 1235LNolan Swift17th
July 335LNolan Swift2nd
July 1050LNolan Swift16th
Aug 1435L Nolan Swift8th
Aug 2135LNolan Swift6th
Aug 2835LNolan Swift6th
Sept 435LNolan Swift5th
Sept 1850LNolan Swift5th
Sept 26200LNolan Swift33rd
May 3D35LNolan Swift3rd
June 435LNolan Swiftlst
June 1135LNolan Swift2nd
June 1835LNolan Swift2nd
June 2535LNolan Swift2nd
July 235LNolan Swift1st
July 950LNolan Swift3rd
July 1635LNolan Swift4th
July 2335LNolan Swift2nd
July 3D35LNolan Swift1st
Aug 635LNolan Swiftlst
Aug 1335LNolan Swift2nd
Aug 2035LNolan Swift3rd
Aug 2735LNolan Swift17th
Sept 335LNolan Swift2nd
Sept 1035LNolan Swift9th
Sept 1750LNolan Swift7th
Sept 25200LNolan Swift34th
May 3045LNolan Swift13th
June 345LNolan Swift1st
June 1045LNolan Swift2nd
June 1745LNolan Swift2nd
June 2445LNolan Swift16th
July 145LNolan Swift12th
July 845LNolan Swift1st
July 1545LNolan Swift18th
July 2250LNolan Swift10th
July 2945LNolan Swift4th
Aug 545LNolan Swift2nd
Aug 1245LNolan Swift2nd
Sept 2 45LNolan Swift3rd
Sept 24200LNolan Swift1st
1968: Car sold to Bob Graf
and renumbered 80
June 845LJim Muldoon 11th
June 1545LJim Muldoon11th
June 2245LJim Muldoon13th
June 2945LJim Muldoon21st
July 645LJim Muldoon9th
July 1345LJim Muldoon8th
July 245LJim Muldoon20th
Aug 375LNolan Swift8th
Aug 1745LJim Muldoon23rd
Aug 31200LJim Muldoon15th
Sept 745LJim Muldoon9th
Sept 2175LJim Muldoon10th
Sept 29100LJim Muldoon22nd
May 3145LBob Stelter3rd
June 745LLou Dabrowski8th
June 2845LJack Murphy22nd
July 5100LJack Murphy23rd
July 1245LJack Murphy21st
Car sold to Dick Jerrett Jr.
Aug 2345LDick Jerrett Jr.10th
Aug 31200LDick Jerrett Jr.22nd
Sept 1345LDick Jerrett Jr.12th
Sept 2075LDick Jerrett Jr.21st
June 2745LDick Jerrett Jr.12th
July 4100LDick Jerrett Jr.8th
July 1145LDick Jerrett Jr.17th
July 1845LDick Jerrett Jr.13th
July 2545LDick Jerrett Jr.18th
Aug 145LDick Jerrett Jr.22nd
Aug 2245LDick Jerrett Jr.24th
Aug 2945LDick Jerrett Jr.9th
Sept 6200LDick Jerrett Jr.6th
Sept 1245LDick Jerrett Jr.14th
Sept 1975LDick Jerrett Jr.15th
1971: Car sold to Ron Matteson
June 545LHoward Hammond20th
June 1245LRon Matteson22nd
June 1975LRon Matteson24th
July 1725LRon Matteson15th
July 1725LRon Matteson19th
Aug 745LRon Matteson16th
Aug 1445LRon Matteson14th
Aug 2145LRon Matteson24th
Aug 2845LRon Matteson19th
Sept 1875LRon Matteson14th
May 1345LRon Matteson11th
May 2045LRon Matteson16th
May 2750LRon Matteson9th
May 2750LRon Matteson12th
June 1045LRon Matteson17th
June 1775LRon Matteson12th
June 2445LRon Matteson16th
July 845LRon Matteson20th
July 1530LRon Matteson24th
July 2230LRon Matteson12th
July 2945LRon Matteson12th
July 2975LRon Matteson24th
Aug 2645LRon Matteson13th
Sept 3200LRon Matteson32nd
Sept 945LRon Matteson16th
June 245LRon Matteson16th
June 30100LRon Matteson15th
July 2845LRon Matteson13th
Aug 475LRon Matteson19th
Aug 1145LRon Matteson19th
Aug 1945LRon Matteson19th
Aug 2545LRon Matteson12th
Sept 2200LRon Matteson12th
Sept 1575LRon Matteson21st
Car sold to Joe Paeno renumbered 06
May2533LJoe Paeno16th
May 2533LJoe Paeno15th
May 2533LJoe Paeno16th
June 145LJoe Paeno18th
June 845LJoe Paeno13th
June 2245lJoe Paeno19th
June 2945LJoe Paeno19th
July 6100LJoe Paeno18th
July 1345LJoe Paeno17th
July 2050LJoe Paeno17th
July 2730LJoe Paeno16th
Aug 1030LJoe Paeno14th
Aug 1075LJoe Paeno12th
Sept 745LJoe Paeno16th
Oct 550LJoe Paeno15th
May 1175LJoe Paeno13th
May 1745LJoe Paeno11th
June 845LJoe Paeno10th
June 845LJoe Paeno14th
June 2145LJoe Paeno14th
June 2845LJoe Paeno14th
July 1345LJoe Paeno12th
July 1950LJoe Paeno11th
July 2630LJoe Paeno16th
July 2630LJoe Paeno11th
Aug 375LJoe Paeno20th
Aug 2345LJoe Paeno16th
Sept 1375LJoe Paeno24th
Sept 2750LJoe Paeno14th
Car has since been restored to it's coupe configuration.