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Tom went sprint car racing in 2007

Go to TomsArchives to see how that went...

5th place in the 50th International Classic!

click image for larger version(800x600) or here is the 1024x768 version

Danny offers a Special Thanks for everyone's help!

Posted on September 22, 2006 by supernvstr (Danny):

With the season now complete I had to take a chance to thank the many people who helped myself, Barry Cann, and the entire Bliss Bros. Racing Team make Classic Weekend an overwhelming success.
My mom Jan Kapuscinski, Josh Becker, Tony Pisa, Pat Pontello, Jake Zoll, Mike Mancuso, Barry Kingsley, Kevin Baker, Michael Barnes, Dustin Geers, Mike Murphy, Dan Dennie, Rob Pullen, Pat and Terry Strong, Jeff Lavery, Bob Bond, Craig and Dave Danzer, White's Car Care, Joey Witkum, Tim-Denny Snyder and the entire Snyder Racing Team, and John Deere and Co. for giving Barry Cann and I all those days off, LOL.
Of course nothing would have been possible without our great sponsors... John and Marie Bristol, Lighthouse Lanes, Paul Stepien and the Front Door Tavern, Jake's Automotive, Melanie and Mark Cooper at Accent Awnings, Amiee and Maria Conzone, and DOT Foods.

Thanks again to all of you... I am sorry if I forgot anyone, but so many people helped out and I think this list truly shows how well the racing community pools together to help each other.

We'll see what's in store for 2007...

A top 5 for Danny K and the Bliss racing team... not too bad!

Classic summary page -see images and results!

Saturday, September 02, 2006

Problems cropped up for the 65 team on Aug 26th resulting in a poor finish. It was good, however to solve them on this evening rather than dealing with them on Classic weekend.
As a result, Danny was able to time into the field in the 14th slot last night!
Classic time trials
1 72 Greg Furlong 16.377
2 79 Otto Sitterly 16.535
3 0 Joe Gosek 16.727
4 90 Ray Graham 16.802
5 61 Mike Ordway 17.193
6 22 Bentley Warren 17.24
7 85 Keith Shampine 17.245
8 71 Chris Perley 17.29
9 5 Tim Gareau 17.356
10 70 Gary Morton 17.41
11 92 Lou Cicconi 17.523
12 24 Jerry Curran 17.536
13 2 Brandon Bellinger 17.542
14 65 Danny Kapuscinski 17.549
15 99 Pat Lavery 17.558
16 8 Dave McKnight 17.579
17 91 Johnny Toresse 17.613
18 19 Andy Noto 17.68
19 89 Todd Stowell 17.701
20 95 Pat Abold 17.741
21 93 Randy Ritskes 17.747
22 1 Doug Heveron 17.836
23 97 Bobby Santos 17.851
24 3 Doug Didero 17.865
25 25 Bobby Bond 17.909
26 74 Mike Lichty 17.915
27 7 Charlie Schultz 17.917
28 16 Kelly Miller 17.959
29 94 Craig Rayvals 18.025
30 56 Hal Latulip 18.055
31 9 Stephen Gioia 18.195
32 2 Danny Shirey 18.41
33 1 Shawn Muldoon 18.44
34 34 Dave Halstead 18.524
35 67 John Payne 18.59
36 11 Mike Casey 18.913
37 3 Travis Bartlett 18.959
38 44 Bobby Haynes 19.28

Saturday, August 12, 2006:

The #65 supermodified is back in action for the last few weeks of the 2006 season. Danny K is once again at the wheel and looks to be in mid-season form after our first outing on Aug 12th.
It was, however, a wreck filled evening and the #65 did not escape undamaged. Others such as Greg Furlong, Pat Lavery and Keith Gilliam suffered far more damage and the 65 should be ready to go on the 19th.
update.. RAINED OUT!... "10,000 to Win" is now scheduled for Sat 8/26, one week before the Classic.

Some images from Aug 12th...

2006 version of the Bliss #65

click image for larger version (900x573)
click image below to see how the team fared in 2005...
2005 in review

Hi, thanks for visiting... I'm Jake, the author of this page and this site. That's right, my brother, Tom Bliss has his very own personal webmaster. It's the story of my life... overworked and underpaid! Seriously though, it's a labor of love because Tom and I have always shared a keen interest in racing, especially the local short track stuff and especially Oswego.

and now, some Bliss Bros. racing history...

In 1990, Tom brought this car to Oswego. It was the former Steve Gioia ride, and Tom's first effort in the supers after competing with the ESS sprints for several years.

This team made quite a splash that season! Joe Gosek was leading the points chase but during the preliminaries of the mid-season 75 lapper, mis-fortune befell the 00 team and Joe was without a ride for this double points show. Tom stepped up and offered Joe the 65 car. Well, the rest was history... I mean REAL history! Oswego Speedway records state that this was the only time a borrowed car has ever won a main event, and I believe this record still stands!

visit the website
Visit the Oswego Speedway Website for the latest information concerning schedules, ticket prices, point standings etc.

And here are some more of Tom's toys from years past...

  • New skin -old Gioia body panel can be seen in background. (86 kb)
  • Tom Bliss -with the former Gioia super
  • Meet Tom Bliss - 1990 interview by Bill Foley
  • Tom powers off turn 2 -in his new ride. (45kb)
  • Tom -in '91 after Tim Nelson freshened up the same car (93 kb)
  • A blown left rear -on the backstretch led to this "bell-ringer" in turn 3. (65kb)
  • Jeff West -was always there to help. (69kb)
  • a look from above -of the #7 super. (76 kb)
  • Greg Gordon -tries out the seat in this ground level view of the #7 super. (79 kb)
  • busy pit crew -early in '91. (80 kb)
  • Gary -Allbritain got the ride in late '91. (61 kb)
  • Gary's -Classic program bio. (73 kb)
  • Gary Trump -famous financier (left) directs the pit work! (52 kb)
  • The Bliss Bros team -tries to get the #7 set up for the '91 Classic.
  • Garys -Trump and Allbritain and Pat Pontello in the middle. (72 kb)

  • The first -Bliss Brothers sprint car. Tom ran with the Empire super Sprints and some URC with this car.
  • Nice shot -of Tom and his new sprinter. This was late '85. (97 kb)
  • Bob Stelter and Tom -shown here with that same #56 sprinter. (57 kb)
  • Green flag waves -for Tom's 56 sprinter at the NYS fairgrounds. (78 kb)
  • Tom brings home -his new sprinter from the midwest. This was the former Kinser Stanton and Tom bought it from Dizz Wilson. (62 kb)
  • The winning pass -on the low side, and Tom Bliss takes his first ESS feature at Fulton. (1987) (84 kb)
  • The happy team -enjoys Tom's ESS feature win. (47 kb)
  • Another shot -of Tom with checkered flag in hand. (68 kb)
  • Victory lane -sure feels good! (57 kb)
  • Ready to hit the track -at Weedsport as Gary trump looks on.
  • Bobby Cain -charges into turn 1 with Tom hot on his tail during the ESS show at Weedsport. (66 kb)
  • Charging through the turn -with the 5x sprinter. (80 kb)
  • Bobby Podalak -in Tom Bliss's former car battles with Tom, in the former Keel #8 . (55 kb)
  • a proud pose -by Tom with his #8 ESS Challenger sprinter. (85 kb)
  • Tom does a wheelie! -with the Challenger sprinter. (87 kb)

905 US rt 11 Central Square NY

  • Tom in action -at Airborne Park in 1986, this was his first ESS top 5 finish. (76 kb)
  • Tom also ran a 410 -Gambler at the Fairgrounds and made frequent trips to Pennsylvania with this car in '86. (79 kb)
  • Ready to be pushed off -during an ESS show at Fulton. This is a former Craig Keel machine.
  • Tom rockets -into turn 3 at Fulton. (32 kb)
  • This ESS sprinter - was a joint effort between Tom Bliss and Darren "Snake" Beach. This machine had won the URC title the previous year. Tom exits turn 4 at Fonda in this shot. (87 kb)

Midgets... etc.
  • Tom -tried his hand in a Kenny Lorenz owned TQ midget indoors in Buffalo NY. (84 kb)
  • This midget -was a "92 Ellis Tom had briefly. not sure about the history on this one.
  • Tom had a blast -with this Outhouse VW at Salem Speedway in early spring of 92. Tom got tenth and Kenny Irwin won that day.
  • Tom seemed in awe -of the legendary Salem Speedway before the start of the feature . (83 kb)
  • two midgets -VW in foreground and Beaberbuilt V4 in back. sharp machines, aren't they?
  • Beaberbuilt V4 -midget, taken at Columbus motor speedway a couple of years ago.
  • all business -in his TQ office.
  • Pat Pontello -also tried his hand in a TQ midget indoors in Buffalo NY.
  • And so did -Greg Furlong, In Pat's other car.
  • This is Tom -in Pat's #56 TQ.
  • Tom's first race car -was this mini-sprint that the Caulkins family helped him field. (77 kb)
  • This is the whole rig -ready to roll... and I got the driving honors!. (104 kb)
  • Harvey Caulkins Jr. -was very quick with this mini-sprint back then. (78 kb)
  • Tom is Ready for action -with the mini-sprint at Fulton. (41 kb)
  • fun at Rockingham -as Tom participated in Buck Baker's driver's school in '93. (80 kb)
  • Danny K -as you can see from this shot, although young, Danny Kapuscinski is actually a veteran racer... check out the sponsor on the hood!. (66 kb)
  • I guess this was Tom's first racecar -in collaboration with Mike Thornton!. (77 kb)
  • Mike Thornton -Proudly displays cart race hardware...
  • Tom -tried the karts too! (1994). (82 kb)
  • Gary Trump's -mini sprint... a real beauty, dont'cha think? (54 kb)

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