50th International Classic

Images from Sunday September 3rd
Rain washed out action on this day after great effort was made to get the show in...
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Michael Barnes found the wall during Thursday practice in the Graham 29
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Chris Perley qualified the Furlong 71 8th but could not stick around for the race on Monday... the car was parked on race day
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Travis Bartlett got into the show via the B main on Monday
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Brandon Bellinger made a rare 2006 appearance and was set to start 13th
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Mike Ordway was ready to test the Hawk dominance
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Lou Cicconi secured 11th on the grid in one of Ray Graham's new Hawks. He would contend for the win on Monday.
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Danny Kapuscinski... locked and loaded with the Bliss #65
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The Lane Racing team, with Bobby Santos (97) and Randy Ritskes (93) both in the show
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Dave McKnight would turn a few heads in the Syrell 08 come raceday
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a tangle between track drying vehicles made a rainy day even worse...
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Johnny Toresse gridded 17th with this fine looking new Hawk ride out of the Graham stable
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Doug Didero timed in 24th with a off-tune motor...
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the new Xtreme chassis machine was completed just in time for qualifying...
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but would make a huge splash come raceday!
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Images from Monday September 4th (raceday)

sunshine... you've got to be kidding! McKnight goes out for early warmups.
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Doug Heveron timed in 22nd with the "old one" after trashing his new super during testing. Clyde Booth was said to say,"it's like bringing a donkey to the Kentucky Derby "... well Doug charged up to 3rd at the finish with the old mule!
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Mike Ordway in the foreground, Danny K in the background
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Tom Bliss and the 65 are gridded behind the 13th case of Budweiser
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Pat Lavery lined up alongside in 14th and brought it home in 7th
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Bentley lined up 6th but would eventually drop out on lap 68
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Tim Gareau's Kerfein #5 and Gary Morton, 9th and 10th on the grid respectively, check out the crowd
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almost time to go racing...
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...and Danny K is ready
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"Bubblegum" Joe Marotta and Roy Sova are set to go in the tower too
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Brandon Bellinger wasted little time, charging from his 12th starting spot into the lead by lap 23. Dave McKnight took over the top spot from the 02 on lap 33
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Steve Gioia III parlayed a fourth place finish in the "B" main into an 11th place finish... running all 200 laps. Good seat time for sure!
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McKnight led 129 laps (33-162) and was really hooked up...
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Bobby Santos came from 23rd to challenge the 08 for the lead by lap 44. Lou Cicconi grabbed 2nd on lap 69. Santos fell from 3rd with 8 laps to go, out of fuel.
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Keith Shampine qualified a solid 7th in the #85 but his day ended against the backstretch wall on lap 86
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Otto Sitterly did multiple 360's in the first turn while apparently unconscious after slamming the frontstretch hubrail.
photos courtesy of Paul Murphy
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fortunately the left rear was disabled from the initial impact, which helped keep the #79, which was now a "stuck throttle missile", off the first turn wall.
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heavy left side damage
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McKnight and Cicconi ran many laps nose to tail 'till they tangled in turn 4 on lap 163 ending the day for both
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fastest lap of the race, 17.261 0n lap 160 helped put Didero right on the 72's bumper. A broken driveshaft on lap 175 ended his spectacular run. Ordway could not muster a challenge and Greg Furlong nailed down his 5th Classic!
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Danny Kapuscinski enjoys a fine top 5 run with the team at the scales...
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Danny had just enough fuel to get the job done, the car had to be pushed in from the backstretch after the checkers... out of fuel!
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Danny K and the Tom Bliss racing team
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Lap 44, Ordway, Gosek and Furlong, running 5th, 6th, and 7th, lap past the #7 of Charlie Schultz
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Classic time trials
172Greg Furlong16.377
279Otto Sitterly16.535
30Joe Gosek16.727
490Ray Graham16.802
561Mike Ordway17.193
622Bentley Warren17.240
785Keith Shampine17.245
871Chris Perley17.290
95Tim Gareau17.356
1070Gary Morton17.410
1192Lou Cicconi17.523
1224Jerry Curran17.536
132Brandon Bellinger17.542
1465Danny Kapuscinski17.549
1599Pat Lavery17.558
168Dave McKnight17.579
1791Jonny Toresse17.613
1819Andy Noto17.680
1989Todd Stowell17.701
2095Pat Abold17.741
2193Randy Ritskes17.747
221Doug Heveron17.836
2397Bobby Santos17.851
243Doug Didero17.865
2525Bobby Bond17.909
2674Mike Lichty17.915
277Charlie Schultz17.917
2816Kelly Miller17.959
2994Craig Rayvals18.025
3056Hal Latulip18.055
319Stephen Gioia18.195
322Danny Shirey18.410
331Shawn Muldoon18.440
3434Dave Halstead18.524
3567John Payne18.590
3611Mike Casey18.913
373Travis Bartlett18.959
3844Bobby Haynes19.280
Classic Results
172Greg Furlong200
261Mike Ordway200
301Doug Heveron200
495Pat Abold200
565Danny Kapuscinski200
61Shawn Muldoon200
799Pat Lavery200
825Bob Bond200
95Timmy Gareau200
1070Gary Morton200
119Stephen Gioia III200
1294Craig Rayvals199
1319Andy Noto199
140Joe Gosek195
1529Michael Barnes195
1697Bobby Santos III192
1756Hal Latulip190
1808Dave McKnight190
197Charlie Schultz181
203Doug Didero174
2134Dave Halstead163
2292Lou Cicconi162
2324Jerry Curran142
2490Ray Graham Jr133
2579Otto Sitterley126
2689Todd Stowell117
2702Brandon Bellinger113
2893Randy Ritskes86
2985Keith Shampine86
3016Kelly Miller75
3122Bentley Warren67
3274Mike Lichty59
3391John Torrese53
3403travis Bartlett42

we miss you Pete

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