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In August, 1992 I won a local 9-ball tournament and earned the right to play 'The Professor' Grady Mathews in a challenge match. He was in town (Syracuse NY) for a trick shot exhibition and clinic.
Grady has appeared in competition on ESPN numerous times. He appeared in, and was a consultant in the movie 'The Color of Money', and is a three-time world one-pocket champion! The match was handicapped and the game was 9-ball...
I got 8 to 6 on the wire and the called 7. He won the first two games and then I won the next six and $400 !

click to see a picture that was taken after the match (I'm on the right).
Hey, it's not much to brag about... don't think I could do it again but
It's MY "15 minutes" of fame!
The image below is the flyer he distributed prior to the match. Click on it to read the information on it.

Also, take a look at my all - conquering Micky's good times Saloon team.

Following is a list of billiard resources found on the Internet to help
you find more information on the sport. This is not a complete list, but
a selection of some of the sites you should know about. From these web
pages you can access every billiard page on the web in just a few (or
many) more clicks.

My home... Caps Cue Club (razed and replaced by a Dunk'n Dohnuts in 2013)
And then my second home, Salt City Billiards, destroyed by fire on Feb 8th, 2017... geez!!

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American Poolplayers Association (APA):

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