Over the winter of 1979-80 Tom Heveron and his chief mechanic Ed Laprade decided that their driver Doug Heveron had progressed enough in his driving ability that they should build him a new car. What they didn't realize was that the car they built during that winter was to become a legend!

They introduced the car at the beginning of the 1980 season and by July 4th weekend Doug Heveron had his first Oswego win. The car was very basic in design and as solid as they come. It ran steady as a rock throughout the 1980 season capped off with a fine 2nd place Classic finish.

Chief mechanic Laprade made a few changes in the car's suspension over the winter of 1980 and three weeks into the 1981 season Doug Heveron laid claim to victory circle and relinquished it only twice the rest of the season! He tallied up 13 wins, tying Jim Shampine and Todd Gibson for most wins in a season, won the track championship and the Classic.

It was more of the same in 1982 as Heveron totally dominated the supermodified scene with another track championship and Classic win.

Once again the lure to try Indy drew Doug as it had Lux, Gibson and Bentley. Doug Heveron was off in 1983 to try his hand at champ car racing. He was involved in a crash during practice in which he sustained a broken leg as well as broken dreams. Tom Heveron secured the services of Bentley Warren to drive the now famous car No. 1 super and in the six weeks Ben drove the machine, he got two wins, two seconds, a fourth and a fifth. Doug was back behind the wheel by July 16th and continued from where he left off in 1982, winning races. A year prior the Heveron team built a back up to the winning roadster and put Bentley in this car when Doug came back. While the back up car was fast it still did not measure up to the awesome handling characteristics of the original car. The main Heveron car could hug the inside hub rail as if it were attached to it! The five weeks in the main car plus a good run in the backup car gave Bentley the 1983 track championship.

The '83 Classic was a story unto itself that year. One lap to go and it looked like an all Heveron sweep with Doug in the lead and Bentley in the backup car running second. Heveron suddenly ran out of fuel and Bentley tried to protect Doug's lead which eventually led to them both being passed at the checkered. They finished third and fourth. The fourth place finish by the main car is the worst the car has ever done in the Classic! The Heverons' sold the main car to veteran car owners Ed and Tom Bowley over the winter of '83-'84 and sold the back up car late the next season to Jim Paternoster of Utica.

Many rail birds felt this would be the end of the domination for this car because the Bowley team, while competitive for many years, was not what you would consider a "winning team!" Suspicions looked to be coming true all to quickly at the start of the 1984 season as small mechanical problems kept Ben out of the opening day show and a DNF in the second event. They finally got things hooked up in the Port City 150 on May 27th and Bentley started a domination reign with the Bowley team that (as of this writing in Feb. '88) has yet to be broken!

Bentley won the '84 Oswego track championship as well as the Classic. After a brief slump in 1985 which saw Bentley visit victory lane only five times, he came back in 1986 to dominate once again, winning the track championship and the Classic another time. There was no doubt about it now, the Bowleys indeed were a winning team and the car they had was the best of it's time!.

During the winter of '86-'87 Tom Bowley must have had a premonition of things to come or he's just. plain smart because he sought out the back up car to this winning machine. He discovered it in Fulton, N.Y. , having been purchased by former supermodified competitor Denny Wheeler from Paternoster after the car sat idle for several seasons. Money was no object and they brought the car back to Massachusetts.

Sure enough the backup car had to be pressed into service midway through the 1987 season when Bentley crashed the original car severely in the July 18th $10,000 to win Mr. Supermodified show. Extensive rear end damage was done to the car and with no real time to do a good repair job, the car was put aside to be repaired over the winter of '87 -'88. So as I write this article, the Bowley team is repairing this legendary car to continue writing the Oswego Speedway history books.

Just listen to the credentials of this car: 54 feature wins, just one shy of tying Jim Shampine's' wedge car of 55; 6 track championships (4 for Bentley and 2 for Heveron); 4 Classic wins (2 for each driver); competed in 7 Classics completing all 1400 laps out of a possible 1400 with 4 wins, 2 seconds and 1 fourth; out of 131 features entered, the car has finished in the top five in 105 of them for an average finish of 4.51 - better than any car in the history of the speedway!

And there you have my picks for an Oswego Speedway museum. You may have some of your own picks, I'm sure. But I believe there's no arguing that these six supermodifieds have forever earned a spot in the history of Oswego Speedway.

Laprade Super
Oswego track history
Built in winter 0f '79-'80 by Ed Laprade and Heveron Crew
Owned by Tom Heveron from 1980-1983
May 10 45LDoug Heveron4th
May 17 45LDoug Heveron5th
May 25 75LDoug Heveron17th
June 7 45LDoug Heveron3rd
June 14 35LDoug Heveron4th
June 14 35LDoug Heveron4th
June 21 45LDoug Heveron21st
June 28 45LDoug Heveron11th
July 5 75LDoug Heveron1st
July 12 45LDoug Heveron3rd
July 19 35LDoug Heveron4th
July 19 35LDoug Heveron1st
July 26 75LDoug Heveron18th
Aug 3 45LDoug Heveron11th
Aug 9 45LDoug Heveron21st
Aug 16 35LDoug Heveron5th
Aug 16 35LDoug Heveron4th
Aug 23 45LDoug Heveron5th
Aug 31 200LDoug Heveron2nd
Oct 11 30LDoug Heveron14th
May 9 45LDoug Heveron2nd
May 24 75LDoug Heveron4th
June 6 45LDoug Heveron16th
June 13 35LDoug Heveronlst
June 13 35LDoug Heveronlst
June 20 45LDoug Heveron1st
June 27 45LDoug Heveron1st
July 4 75LDoug Heveronlst
July 11 45LDoug Heveron1st
July 18 35LDoug Heveron2nd
July 18 35LDoug Heveron1st
July 25 45LDoug Heveron1st
Aug 1 75LDoug Heveron1st
Aug 22 35LDoug Heveronlst
Aug 22 35LDoug Heveron1st
Aug 29 45LDoug Heveron15th
Sept 6 200LDoug Heveron1st
Oct 10 30LDoug Heveron1st
May 15 45LDoug Heveron1st
May 30 75LDoug Heveron1st
June 12 35LDoug Heveron1st
June 12 35LDoug Heveron2nd
June 26 45LDoug Heveron1st
July 3 75LDoug Heveron18th
July 10 45LDoug Heveron1st
July 17 35LDoug Heveron1st
July 17 35LDoug Heveron2nd
July 24 45LDoug Heveron1st
July 31 75LDoug Heveron14th
Aug 14 45LDoug Heveron21st
Aug 21 35LDoug Heveron1st
Aug 21 35LDoug Heveron3rd
Aug 28 45LDoug Heveron1st
Sept 5 200LDoug Heveron1st
Oct 9 30LDoug Heveron1st
May 14 45L NA
May 21 45L NA
May 29 75L NA
June 11 35LBentley Warren5th
June 11 35LBentley Warren2nd
June 18 45LBentley Warren4th
June 25 45LBentley Warren2nd
July 2 75LBentley Warren1st
July' 9 45LBentley Warren1st
July 16 35LDoug Heveron 19th
July 16 35LDoug Heveron 15th
July 23 45LDoug Heveron 23rd
July 30 75LDoug Heveron 1st
Aug 13 45LDoug Heveron 1st
Aug 20 35LDoug Heveron 2nd
Aug 20 35LDoug Heveron 1st
Aug 27 45LDoug Heveron 2nd
Sept 4 200LDoug Heveron 4th
Oct 9 35L NA
sold to Ed and Tom Bowley in the winter of 83-84 (#5)
May 12 45LDNS
May 19 45LBentley Warren17th
May 27 75LBentley Warren1st
June 9 35LBentley Warren1st
June 9 35LBentley Warren1st
June 16 45LBentley Warren3rd
June 23 45LBentley Warren3rd
June 30 75LBentley Warren1st
July 7 45LBentley Warren1st
July 14 35LBentley Warren19th
July 14 35LBentley Warren9th
July 21 45LBentley Warren2nd
July 28 75LBentley Warren3rd
Aug 18 35LBentley Warren1st
Aug 18 35LBentley Warrenlst
Aug 25 20LBentley Warren2nd
Aug 25 45LBentley Warren1st
Sept 2 200LBentley Warren1st
Oct 6 35LBentley Warren3rd
May 11 45LBentley Warren3rd
May 25 45LBentley Warren2nd
June 8 45LBentley Warren3rd
June 9 100LBentley Warren15th
June 29 75LBentley Warren2nd
July 13 35LBentley Warren4th
July 13 35LBentley Warren11th
July 20 50LBentley Warren1st
Aug 3 75LBentley Warren7th
Aug 10 45LBentley Warren7th
Aug 17 35LBentley Warren1st
Aug 17 35LBentley Warren1st
Aug 24 20LBentley Warren1st
Aug 24 45LBentley Warren4th
Sept 1 200LBentley Warren2nd
Oct 13 35LBentley Warren1st
May 10 45LBentley Warren1st
May 17 45LBentley Warren11th
May 25 100LBentley Warren2nd
June 14 35LBentley Warren2nd
June 14 35LBentley Warren9th
June 21 45LBentley Warren4th
June 28 45LBentley Warren3rd
July 5 75LBentley Warrenlst
July 12 45LBentley Warren2nd
July 19 50LBentley Warren5th
Aug 2 45LBentley Warren3rd
Aug 9 75LBentley Warren2nd
Aug 16 35LBentley Warren1st
Aug 16 35LBentley Warrenlst
Aug 24 20LBentley Warren2nd
Aug 24 45LBentley Warren1st
Aug 31 200LBentley Warrenlst
Oct 11 35LBentley Warren1st
May 9 45LBentley Warren1st
May 16 45LBentley Warren1st
May 24 100LBentley Warren1st
June 6 45LBentley Warren8th
June 13 35LBentley Warren3rd
June 13 35LBentley Warren4th
June 20 45LBentley Warren4th
June 27 45LBentley Warren3rd
July 4 75LBentley Warrenlst
July 11 45LBentley Warren4th
The car was wrecked in the '87 10,000 dollar race. It has never raced again. It is still hanging in the Bowley shop.