May 30th, 1970

The old expression, behind the 8 ball, took on new meaning Saturday night here at the Home of Champions as popular Clay, N.Y. chauffeur Jimmy Shampine wound up on top at the end of both 50 lap legs of the Empire State Twin 50's. Jim also turned the fastest time trial of the day with a blistering 19.18 sec. lap

Norm Mackereth in the Hagen-Howard Chevy started outside pole and got the jump on Shampine for the first lap lead. Shampine quickly challenged and the lead changed hands several times but on lap 20, the #40 of Mackereth quit and he coasted into the back pit gate. This left Shampine unchallenged for the balance of the first 50, although another top Canadian star, John Clapham did his best to catch the Shampine 8 ball. Clapham had to settle for second with Ken Andrews in his 55 just beating out Warren Coniam for third. Mark Letcher in his rebuilt 29 finished a close fifth.

After a 1/2 hour pit stop, the cars were back on it for the second and final feature event.

Al Wood started on pole and quickly jumped to an early lead. Joe Martincic was right there in his sprinter #53. But breezing his way around the field on the outside from his 18th starting berth was Shampine in the desert turquoise 8 ball. By the 10th lap it was all over for the rest of the field - Shampine was out front and there to stay. Former track champion Ken Andrews got the 55 running still better yet in the second 50 and finished a strong second with Warren Coniam buzzing all around him in the 26 Null roadster - taking third. John Clapham in the Rutledge Rocket 45 motored his way to another solid finish behind Coniam, Ohio ace Al Wood was fifth in his #39.

Result of May 30th twin 50's: First Feature: Jim Shampine 8, John Clapham 45, Ken Andrews 55, Warren Coniam 26, Mark Letcher 29, Harvey Lennox 70, Eldon Schrader 59, John Casey 88, Jack James 7, Jim Muldoon 23, Harold Brown 52, Jim Winks 32, Lou Dabrowski 85, Wayne Landon 83, Tony Lavati 24, Al Wood 39, Joe Martincic 53, Norm Mackerelh 40, Joe Hlywka 22, Jim Gray 31, Ronnie Wallace 90, Bob Stelter 04, Nick Rowe 12 and Gordon Dukes 3.

Second Feature results: Jim Shampine 8, Ken Andrews 55, Warren Coniam 26, John Clapham 45, Al Wood 39 Lou Dabrowski 85, Harvey Lennox 70, Nick Rowe 12, Joe Martincic 53, Eldon Schrader 59, Gordon Dukes 3, Tony Lavati 24, Jim Winks 32, Bruce Kraft 87, Joe Hlywka 22, Mark Letcher 29, Wayne Landon 83, Ronnie Wallace 90, John Casey 88, Jack James 7, Harold Brown 52, Jim Mu1doon 23, Jim Gray 31, Billy Hughes 93.

Heat races were won by Shampine, Mackereth and Landon, with the consi going to Martincic.

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