Shampine wedge

Jim Paternoster restored and owns this famous supermodified

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The original blueprints for this car.
See link at bottom of this page to download higher resolution bmp images of this blueprint in a zip file.

1969 debut. Radiator and wedge nose was changed by mid-season.

1974, note cage

1975, roll cage was re-built due to rules changes.

1976, which I think the Paternoster restoration resembles.

1985 debut of Paternoster restoration... just 3 years after Jim Shampine's death.

The panel on the back was a Shampine trademark in earlier years. It's a "flying saucer", kid's snow toy rivited in place!

Jim introduced this deadly weapon in 1976 but continued to race the wedge for most of the season.
Download high resolution bmp images of the original wedge blueprints.

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