Supers (5-21-05)

23 cars in attendance. Gone from last week were the two Graham cars, picked up new cars 89, 2, 96 and 61. Here was the feature line up. 2 99
89 70 (holbrook)
94 0
77 27
79 72
61 25
65 40
17 93
87 81
96(connors) 02
39 4
35 (trytek)
Hawksby had something break and scraped the wall as the field was coming down for the initial white flag, and had to go to the pits, never returned. Stowell lead the first 15 laps or so and was looking good running times in the 17.3-17.4 range. 72 and 61 were patiently picking their way through the field. 89 went low down the front straight lapping the 17 and washed up into him in turn 1 causing the 89 to spin. No damage to the 89 and he resarts in the rear. The 77 assumed the lead for 6 laps or so, then the 87 spun and it started raining. The running order when they start up again is 77,27,99,70,72,61
(Posted in Pinner's forum on May 22, 2005 by Tom)
Heats were won by: Furlong, Hawksby, and Ordway. No consi.

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Furlong 72 - fine tuning

[79 KB]

Ordway under Magner

[74 KB]

Hawk was fast!

[80 KB]

Hooper and Furlong

[74 KB]

Otto Sitterly and the 72

[67 KB]

Keith Shampine, still getting the hang of it

[80 KB]

02 push off

[69 KB]

Tim snyder spun but did a good job keeping off the wall

[84 KB]

Magner under Bond

[80 KB]

Bond, Kells,Goutermout, and Furlong in heat race action

[79 KB]

Sitterly chases Joe Gosek

[64 KB]

Brandon Bellinger gets crossed up

[80 KB]

[56 KB]

Goutermout tries to hold off a very quick Pat Lavery

[64 KB]

Todd Stowell spun out of the feature lead

[55 KB]

Bond and Magner

[68 KB]

Danny K holds on to 3rd in the second heat

[66 KB]

rain... AGAIN!

[87 KB]
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