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Jim Cheney

Georgetown, Mass
11.Oct.1946 - day?.Dec.1996

In 1977, Jimmy crashed at Oswego and was trapped inside the Solvay 04 Roadster, upside down and on fire. He was savagely burned and endured months of painful therapy over that winter. Who could have possibly dreamed that this same driver would win the season opener at the Ice Breaker at Thompson Speedway the following spring?

  . . . written by Lew Boyd


May 1970 at Lancaster


In Kempton Dates car, 1973


Holynski roadster
winged Holynski roadster


June 17th, 1973



1975, Jim saw limited duty behind the wheel of the beautiful Myles roadster. He collected a few top tens with a 5th place finish in the July 5th 100 lapper.


Solvay Automotive #04, 1976
The Solvay Automotive 04 was a weekly fixture in the Oswego Speedway pits for more than 25 years. Like most of their contemporaries, owners John Pallotta and Jimmy DeLucia built and maintained everything on the car, including the engine. Talented machinists, John and Jimmy attracted some of the biggest names at Oswego during their career including Warren Coniam, Bobby Stelter, Jim Cheney and Larry Record. Other noted drivers seeing seat time in the 04 included Eddie Bellinger, Jr. and modified driver Merv Treichler. The huge Solvay Automotive crew, one of the first to sport matching crew uniforms, always kept the car in immaculate condition. The Solvay crew was successful at other tracks as well, winning features at Flamboro, Raceway Park and Delaware in Canada; Sandusky, Ohio; Thompson, CT and Fulton, NY.

This car was Solvay's second roadster and was built in 74. It won the 75 Sandusky Classic with Warren Coniam as its driver. This was the car that Cheney got upside down with and almost lost his life in a bad fire in July of 1977.
Jim's bad 1977 crash

The Solvay 04 was ready when Jim made his return to racing in 1978.




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  • 2nd and 5th place finishes on July 29th, 1972
  • 2nd to Swift in '72 Classic
  • Retrorockets Feature Page on the restoration of Jim Cheney's #1 supermodified.
  • 2 Oswego supermod wins
  • 31 all time Oswego super top 5's
  • 50th in all time Oswego supermodified points
  • All Time Oswego Classic Top 5's (5th-1971, 2nd-1972, 5th-1979)
  • 5th in Oswego points - 1972, 6th in 1973
  • Supermodified Feature Wins at Fulton Speedway:
  • Jim Cheney 4
  • Jim Shampine 3
  • Dick Batchelder 2
  • Warren Coniam 2
  • Eddie Bellinger,Jr. 2
  • Nolan Swift 1
  • Steve Gioia,Jr. 1
  • Denny Wheeler 1
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