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Joe Hlywka

Toronto, Canada -

Joe's heart and soul were devoted to racing, no matter what his health. In the 90's, he took an interest in the CanAm TQ Midget circuit, and became a car owner until he passed away! He had some great successes with this machine, and gave several young drivers a great opportunity to test and refine their racing skills.

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Thanks so much for helping to keep old Canadian racing memories alive. I really appreciate it. It seems like just yesterday I was a little kid watching my dad race.

  . . . Gwen (Hlywka)

Dick Lawless 64, some time around 1968

Sept, 20, 1967

'68 Classic, Joe qualified 6th fastest


Doug Duncan 23 machine, 1965

Lawless roadster

Johnny Spencer behind the wheel of a Joe Hlywka-built car circa 1971. This "wedge" designed car was considered quite innovative in its time, with the engine offset to the left and the driver to the right. ..Mark Floyd


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  • 10th in points in 1970 at Oswego
  • 5th in the 1965 Classic
  • 7 Oswego top 5's

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