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Troy Ruttman Jr.

Dearborn, Michigan
17.Dec.1950 - 04.May.1969

Troy Ruttman, Jr., son of Troy Ruttman who won the 1952 Indianapolis 500 at the age of 21, died in an accident during a Super Modified race at Pocono. He was 18, and this was his first race. He was driving a converted Indianapolis roadster that his father had driven to a twelfth place finish in the 1963 Indy 500. On the 65th lap of the 100 mile race, the throttle stuck and the car went through a guard rail, a chain link fence and another guardrail, passing underneath the grandstand. The roadster was owned by Marshal Robbins, son of Jim Robbins whom Troy Sr. drove for in 1963.

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I remember being in the grandstands that day and seeing the crash off of turn 4. Me and my brother ran down to the scene. From what I remember I dont believe the car flipped. He slid under the guard rail and came to a stop on all 4 wheels.

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Troy Ruttman, Sr. on his way to an 18th place finish in the '64 Indy 500.
I am told this is not the same machine that was converted to a supermodified for Troy Ruttman, Jr.

Troy, Jr. with his Indy 500 winning dad

Jim Robbins owned #17 that Troy Sr. drove in 1963. I believe this was to become the converted supermodified.

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