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Sammy Snider

Buttonville, Ontario, Canada
22.Jun.1937 - 07.Jul.1966

Sunday, January 25, 2015...

Samuel John ( Sammy) Snider was born on June 22nd, 1937 on the home farm near Victoria Square, Ontario. He was the eldest child of John and Nellie Snider. He lost his parents to 2 separate accidental deaths by the time he was 20 years old, and even though he was born on a farm, his true passion was the lure of car racing. After the sale of the farm in 1959, Sammy settled in Buttonville where his young family was born. While pursuing his career as a transport truck driver, Sammy continued his love of racing until it took his life on July 7th, 1966. Even after almost 50 years, he is still missed by those he left behind.

  ...written by his youngest sister and biggest fan, Mary Lyn Snider





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  • Inducted into the Flamboro Speedway Hall of Fame in 2012
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