Mike Burley says:
This is my dad's car from 1956 and most of 1957. This is the former #96 Penn Yann Express which my dad bought from Dutch Hoag after the 1955 season. My dad Ray Burley finished 17th at Langhorne in 1956 out of a 61 car starting grid. This car also finished 13th in the 1st Oswego Classic in 1957. Notice I also put the chain on the door. Tom Piotrowski of Lancaster did the Hube's Mobile decals.

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This is the cover of the just released 50 years history of the oswego classic. The light blue and red #76 on the right is my dad's car which he just painted a week or two before the race.He never told me he changed his number to 76 with tape because there was another #16 entered. Mike burley
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