Opening day (May 14th)

It was the first time in the car for Danny and he was coming up to speed nicely in his heat. A pass attempt coming off turn two resulted in a harmless spin. Some adjustments were made and the team was ready to go racing until the rains came.

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Should we unload... is it gonna rain?

[72 KB]

Barry fires it up

[68 KB]

Love that sound and smell!

[82 KB]

Tom, Barry Kingsley and Barry Cann

[84 KB]

The Kapper would be proud

[89 KB]

Danny K

[95 KB]

Dan's mom Jan watches as gets ready to roll

[87 KB]

Waiting for practice to start

[76 KB]


[92 KB]

a nice shot

[84 KB]

finally... getting up to speed!

[50 KB]

Howie Page and Tom Bliss ponder the need for speed. It was nice to see Howie walking around with hardly a limp!

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The rains came just before the feature:-(

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