5-21-05: Another frustrating night as the feature was rained out again, this time with 21 laps in. Danny had a solid run going riding in 12th, which is where he will resart when the remainder of the race is completed on June 4th. Dan thought the car was much better this week after camber adjustments were made. He still doesn't have too many laps in the car, but already he is becoming very comfortable... look for those lap times to drop!

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Heat #2, front row alongside Joe Hawksby Jr.

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Dan held down third, holding off the 5 and 79 for much of the 2nd heat

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red flag for drizzle on lap 21 of the feature

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Danny in practice, in front of the 35

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practice laps in fast company

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practice laps in faster company

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Mike Stelter offers aid as the team works on the set-up

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