June 25th open Competition night
The team brought out both cars for the first time Sat nite. Mike Stelter was on hand to shake down the #6 Page car.
Dan had the 65 in the fast lane all night with a second in his heat behind Furlong and a fourth in his semi. Dan started on the pole for the feature and might well have grabbed 4th accept for a couple of late race cautions... the 65 was a little stronger on long runs. Fuel starvation on the last lap allowed Otto Sitterly to slip past for 6th at the finish line.
It was a strong run and the 7th place finish was a career best for Danny K!

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A two car team for Bliss Bros Racing
image by Marie Bristol of J&M Vending
[77 KB]

Danny is intense as he prepares for prelims
[89 KB]

Ron Buckner helps Mike Stelter get comfortable
[88 KB]

Marie Bristol image
[84 KB]

Dan's office
(Marie Bristol)
[81 KB]

The bodywork was "christened" early by a push truck
[79 KB]

On the pole for the heat alongside Tim Gareau's Modified Super!
[77 KB]

Dan got second in his heat behind Furlong and ahead of Gareau
[76 KB]

Pat Lavery slides past as Mike shakes down the #6
[81 KB]

The brakes are hot!
[90 KB]

former ESS comrads, Mike Bozzuto and Tom Bliss yuk it up
[28 KB]

4th in the semi behind Bobby Bond
[39 KB]

Mike had some trouble in the semi
[55 KB]

... but he went right to work
[79 KB]

and got er done!
[88 KB]

Feature time for Dan...
[76 KB]

... and Mike
[80 KB]

The boss keeps a watchful eye...
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