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July 23rd 2005 - Barry did a great job getting the car back together after the crash two weeks ago, and Danny rewarded him with a strong 3rd place run in his heat. Dan drew the pole for the 65 lap feature alongside Brandon Bellinger and they had a $1000 carrot dangling in front of their noses for leading the first lap! Brandon got the jump off turn two. Dan was close behind coming off turn 4 and racing hard... the rear broke loose and Dan started a long slide down towards the water barrels on the main straight. Contact was made but no damage done to the 65. An apparently unrelated melee occurred mid-pack soon after, causing cars to scatter all over the frontstretch! Danny restarted from the rear and proceeded to motor forward to a fine 8th place finish. He continues to climb up the points ladder as he now sits in 11th.

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A steering fluid leak caused a flurry of activity after the car was first fired...
[90 KB]

[97 KB]

... the problem was soon remedied
[92 KB]

[107 KB]

Mike Thornton and John Bristol
[71 KB]

The car had several new body panels after the jingle two weeks prior.
[67 KB]

A brief shower just after the heats
[66 KB]

Feature time...
[70 KB]

... waiting out the red on lap 1
[65 KB]

skid marks to the water barrels show the path Danny took off turn 4
[83 KB]

a quick check-up before the restart
[79 KB]

worn out after a hard run
[35 KB]
additional images by Marie Bristol

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[91 KB]

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[86 KB]

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additional images extracted from video

This was the first lap duel between Brandon and Danny entering turn 3
[54 KB]

[57 KB]

[64 KB]
A short mpg movie of lap 1 in a zip file can be downloaded here.
I was positioned in turn 3, so this only shows action down the backstretch to entering turn 4.

about the first lap...

I did not see the incident on the frontstretch as the first lap was about to be completed, but there seems to be some question as to who/what was the cause. Some say it was Danny, others think the $1000 was a recipe for disaster... Danny told me that the car was good for daytime racing, but was getting looser as the evening wore on.
Roy Sova sums it up best in a post in Pinner's forum:
"I don't think the $1,000 bonus had much to do with the first lap wreck. The video seems to show that coming out of four and onto the front straight Brandon was solidly in front of Danny K, who was pretty much directly behind Brandon. The rear end of Danny's car just broke loose.
Beyond that, he was clearly out of the way of the field, being way down to the inside of the track. All of the first 4-5 rows got past him cleanly. The wreck started midway back in the field.
Now, it's possible someone saw Danny out of shape and checked up, causing a chain reaction thing, but I don't think Danny got out of shape trying to make a banzai move to get the lead."

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