Things were looking much better as the Classic neared. A 7th last week and a top 5 in the bag with only 8 laps remaining in this 75 lapper. The team had really hit on the set-up. The car was going to be good for this Saturday's dash and maybe even better for Classic. I was standing on the hub rail between 3 and 4 and counting the laps down with excitement... Danny was closing in on 4th place runner Bob Goutermout. Danny later said he saw me waving him on and he said the red #77 was getting bigger and closer every lap... this was fun! ...

I don't remember why I wasn't watching Dan on lap 67 as he came by me, I think there was a good battle going on farther back in the pack that had caught my attention, and besides, Danny was hooked and smooth every lap... nothing to worry about. Then I heard it... thunk.. scrape.. WHAM.. I turned around and saw foam in the air and the 65 coming to a stop against the wall. And just like that, Dan's great run had ended. He didn't climb out right away and that was scary but after a couple minutes he walked away, a little dazed but in pretty good shape. Something had broken in the front end as he sailed into turn 3 leaving him helpless with no brakes and no steering. Dan said he kinda had time to prepare for the hit and I truly believe the big foam block that he hit made a BIG difference. I don't even want to think about the consequences had he met the steel wall or even a seam between the blocks. When we walked away from the scene, that foam block was sitting on the grass with the front crash bar deeply imbedded in it.
Our sponsors, John and Marie Bristol of J&M Vending have gladly purchased a brand new foam block to replace the one that saved Danny from serious injury... thank you John and Marie and thank you foam block! more below the thumbnail gallery...

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John Bristol and me
[85 KB]

Tom and Barry
[89 KB]

Danny under Kieth Shampine
[86 KB]

The clouds were spitting all day
[79 KB]

[86 KB]

Danny in fast company
[72 KB]

4th in the heat= good feature starting position
[83 KB]

A red on lap 8 for the Gareau/Heveron tangle
[104 KB]

1024x768 wallpaper
1600x1200 wallpaper

Red for rain on lap 42... we were running 4th at the time.
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[35 KB]

lap 67
[73 KB]

[78 KB]

the car being transported to Barry's garage
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end of crash video (mpg)
[548 KB]

As you can see, the Bliss Bros #65 suffered heavy damage, but Tom told me Tues nite that the car can be clipped, which is better news than we expected. Meanwhile, work is well underway to transform the #6 into the #65. This is the same Page chassis that Howard Page drove last season. Howie had some good runs in the car... and it's coming together quickly with the much appreciated help of other's in the supermodified community, it looks like we're gonna git-er-done!

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