August 6th 2005

I was on vacation and missed this one but Marie Bristol stepped up to the plate and got some nice shots for me! Dan got a 12th place finish in the feature but continues to creep up in the point standings and now sits in 11th. Mike Stelter was credited with 17th as he continues to ease up to speed in the #6 car.

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Mike Stelter was back in the Tom Bliss#6
[92 KB]

[87 KB]

Barry and Ron Buckner help Mike strap in
[90 KB]

Josh zooms in!
[94 KB]

Barry, John and Tom... hard at work
[98 KB]

Apparent engine problems... turned out being a minor mag tweak
[84 KB]

[90 KB]

Barry Kingley, Danny K, Mike Stelter and Tom Bliss
this image is 800x600 px
[115 KB]

This one is 1024x768, and is my current wallpaper... thanks Marie!
[237 KB]

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