Memorial Day weekend

A 14th place run in Saturday's make-up feature turned out to be the highlight of the weekend as the 65 dropped out of Sunday's race after only one lap. A bad intake manifold gasket on the right bank appears to have been the problem.
With that problem behind us, we can look forward to much better result this Saturday night with the conclusion of the May 21st feature on the schedule first (26 laps remaining), and Dan starting 12th.

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Great weather for a change... some early routine tweaking here

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Saturday hot laps

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action from the make-up feature from May 14th

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Dan would be credited with 14th after completing 35 laps

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Dan got 5th in his Sat nite heat to get into Sunday's show

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Barry Kingsley installs the side tank for Sunday

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On the grid Sunday

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Dan and Jerry Rich during driver intros

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Last second fuel line problems held up the start

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